Q&A – 10th October 2016

Big thanks to Vlad for translating.
With Yuri Kuryavy (Publishing Producer)
– Radio of the new Swedes will be fixed;
– Personal missions are currently being worked on, we’ve said this multiple times already. We’ll announce them when they’re ready;
– Inscriptions and emblems with bonuses are not a priority right now. You yourselves said one year ago what you want to see – new matchmaking and balance;
– Global chat was very often used for insults and provocations. To remove this element, we decided to simply disable it;
– We’re currently experimenting with tournaments etc.;
– Soon, there will be information on combatting illegal mods that you should like. We’re working on it;
– No plans to sell tier 10 tanks;
– No changes for the SU-100Y are planned;
– Can’t say anthing about tier 10 LT right now, wait for official information;
Q&A with Alexey Ilyin (Global Operating Producer)
– Each patch, we look at the performance changes on slow computers. In the last patch, performance dropped slightly. We’re trying our hardest to prevent the point where the game won’t launch on old machines. If you have an old PC, the most important part is not the CPU, but the GPU, install the newest drivers, support of such players is and will be present;
– No plans to re-enable global chat, too much negativity;
– Sixth sense is working correctly, there was a bug which was fixed literally in 1 day, thanks for the bug reports;
– No plans to decrease sixth sense delay, if it would function instantly, everybody would just stand still;
We have a huge player database over 6 years before the restoration feature came in 9.16. You can still restore 1 premium vehicle from your account history through support. We’re thinking about the future of this feature;
– We have statistics about the usage of mods, if a modification does not break gameplay and is not disputed we try to implement it into the client;
– Adddition of zoom-out mod (almost whole map is visible) – it’s disputed, it would perform poorly on weak computers and drop FPS, and it would disturb beginners. Not planned yet;
– Domination game mode is not being worked on actively;
 – We have something to please you on New Year, but I won’t spoil it;
– New minimaps are focused on information, we could have made them simply nice but then they’d lose their sense;
– Old minimaps will not return, but i’ll just wink at the modders…;
– I would not recommend using illegal mods since they’ll have it hard very soon;
– Crew bonuses (inscriptions + flags etc.) – it’s currently decided not to implement the bonuses. We’ll work on customization in the future. Visual as well as possibly internal;
– T110E5 had a rise in statistics, but not critical, no changes planned yet;
– Sadly, Swedes didn’t have options for tier 6 HT, so we chose a MT;
– AMX M4 mle 49 is a great vehicle, I like it very much;
Q&A with Murazor
– The premium Swede might be fixed a bit in 9.17, but so far I like it, it turned out well;
– Statistics on the Swede tank are being collected, I’ll think about it then;
– The precision on Panther II with the new gun coupled with the penetration will be more than enough, and the stock E-50 will be less painful;
– Tiger II and VK4502A will be worked on (balance-wise);
Q&A Anton Pankov
– I won’t forgive you for global chat! – You’re saying this like you used it for something else than insulting the guys in front of you;
– Swedes will come in 9.17;