9.16 review


14 thoughts on “9.16 review

  1. That damage direction is badass.

    Can I now laugh at Obsidian when they had good one, made it better and then COMPLETELY fucked it up?
    Or with warning icons – were at WG-levels, then made so shit – you would thing its Win10 UI.

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    1. Actually that damage direction is kinda broken, not only it shows you you got hit, it shows you which tank hit you and you can even distinguish which bush you got hit from if you ain’t stupid.

      It pretty much does what illegal mods were doing but it does it even better.


  2. But but I love Win 10 UI :( :( :( But but I love you Woras too!!! Woras = Win 10 UI??? Woras = Wor + As, pronounced like War + Ass -> Woras = War-ass = Warass = An ass that is used for war, anal wars, or the ass is an animal???

    Warass I love you no matter what, and so does BIG BOSS Seb and HER, to be honest, only person that hates you on the Internet is Zephy…


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