On “Funny Stuff” Posts.

As you can see, Piroman is back with funny articles for the days when new information is scarce. However, I would like to ask you, readers: do you like these kind of articles? Since I can’t make a poll right now, I’d like you to comment. Options:

-I like them being posted often;

-I like them but condensed in a single post/week;

-I don’t like them, please keep them off TAP;

-Anything else.

Please let us know what you think so we can improve this aspect of the blog.


43 thoughts on “On “Funny Stuff” Posts.

  1. I enjoyed them today bc we havent had them in a while. Also, they were positive and not just bashing WG or bashing anything. as long as they are actually trying to be funny and arent mean or sarcastic or elitist they are decent. But when i see a new TAP post in my email i generally want it to be hot n fresh news usually.

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  2. Shit that I do not like; I skip. Problem solved.

    Speaking of condensing…..

    Well shit, it has been 30 years. Watched it back in 88 or 89 as a real small kid.
    Franchise went down the damn hill from here and never came back sadly(not likely that it ever will).

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  3. Hi, I’m a long time visitor to the site. I don’t prefer these at all as I come here for news, but if others enjoy them, then they should stay but prolly as a once a week post.

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  4. I’m all against this “funny” stuff!!! But I love Rita, so let’s do it :) :) :)

    Seriously, most of you guys like this, but packed in one post/week. That was our previous format, and obviously we should keep it that way. Unless BIG BOSS Seb, sacks me now, I’ll do it that way in the future.

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  5. I would like them to be condensed to a massive post of memes and jokes every one/two weeks. Would be nice if only the heading of the jokes article (and anything necessary) is shown on the main page, since I don’t really want to see them on the front page if I was looking for news.

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  6. Onestly, I would like one of these short stories every day with my morning coffe, but eventually piro would run out of inspiration or material. It is true there were not many news lately, so these kind of “funnies” are a welcome distraction. Wonder what would hapen if Piro teamed up with woras … :D ( maybe I am too sadistic here”

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        1. Well this one I have is a condensing combi boiler, EU standard, brand new, turns out it can’t be used in the house because of some regulations!


            1. Actually I’m mistaken, it’s a Saunier Duval Turbo combi boiler!
              But right now I can’t check the model, you will have to wait a day for that! :D


  7. In my personal opinion TAP should have these phunny posts, however, once or max twice a week is more than enough.
    Since Sunday always seems to be the most eventless day of the week relating to news and leaks, these posts should be collected into one bunch and released then.

    This system proved to be capable of working before, let us follow the road well used.

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