Cruiser Corner #3

Article made by our reader, GrimmaceNA.

Greetings everyone, for my third cruiser of this series I went with Flint (CL-97). This is the Atlanta-Oakland class that most of us won’t get in game.

       Flint (CL-97) was commissioned in August 1944 and would go on to receive 4 battle stars during the war. Arriving at Ulithi for duty in December 1944, a few days later the cruiser steamed into combat when she was assigned to cover the invasion of Luzon in the Philippines adding her AA guns to defend from kamikaze attacks.
       In the last eight months of the war she continued fighting air attacks but was also able to use her main guns on shore targets on Okinawa and the Japanese home islands. Flint then went to serve as a rescue ship and homing station for transport planes bringing occupation troops to Japan.
        Deactivated in January 1946, she was placed in reserve in May 1947 and was finally stricken and scrapped in September 1965.
Source: American Cruisers of World War II by Steve Ewing


6 thoughts on “Cruiser Corner #3

  1. Thanks for posting the book reference on the USS Flint. I’ll try to get a copy of it. My father was a pointer on the USS Flint (5 inch/38 cal guns). I’m taking all his war letters and writing a book on his time in training, tour of duty and in the NROTC. I’ve downloaded every war diary and action report from AUG 1944 to SEP 1945. It’s fascinating to read about all this. I’m also building a .GPX file based on the war diaries to track where he was in the pacific since he couldn’t write about it in his letters.


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