Pictures from USS Edson

From Redditor shaewyn

The USS Edson’s a Forrest Sherman class DD, built in 1956 (which puts her as a contemporary of the high-tier Russian cruisers in game). She’s got 3 5″ guns, which auto load, and have a rate of fire of 40 rounds a minute and were computer guided. (as a comparison, the Edson’s 3×5″ guns could put 1.6x as many shells down-range as a Benson’s 5×5″ guns could every minute.)


8 thoughts on “Pictures from USS Edson

  1. No harsh comments about my baby. I spend three years on her. The computer worked perfectly, and the US Marines greatly appreciated the NGFS from USS Edson and her oversized equipment. It was state of the art at the time…


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