Possible US Top Tier Light Tanks

From Redditor Farmerman1379



  • The main armament consists of a 75 mm ARES cannon mounted in the centre of the hull behind the crew. The 75 mm APFSDS-T round is designated the XM885 and has armour penetration characteristics equivalent to the 105 mm APFSDS M774 (gun used on the M60 Patton). This means that the 75mm cannon would have ~268mm of penetration if we go by the M60 in-game and should apply to all 3 of these LT’s that I have listed.
  • Weight (kg) = 14.8 tonne
  • Crew = 3
  • Cannon size = 75mm – 5 round burst
  • Engine power output = 350 horsepower
  • Power/weight ratio = 23.64
  • Max speed = 64



  • It used the same 75mm main gun and autoloader as the HIMAG (this is the next tank I’ll provide info on) in a very low profile turret. The vehicle used an improved version of the older M551 Sheridan Light Tank running gear (tracks and road wheels) and was powered by a gas-turbine engine. The vehicle did not enter service but was further developed in to the RDF/LT (See above). It used a conventional tank hull, which was fitted with a new hydro pneumatic suspension. (What I interpret this as is pretty much the same suspension system that the S-Tank uses, correct me if I’m wrong)
  • Weight = 20.45 tonne
  • Crew = 3
  • Cannon size = 75mm high velocity autoloader from the HIMAG (See below)
  • Engine power output = 650 horsepower
  • Power/weight ratio = 31.78
  • Max speed = 83 km/h



  • The first design was the “High Mobility Agility Test Vehicle” aka the HIMAG and the first prototype was completed around 1978. To reduce weight it did away with a conventional 3 man turret and the heavier 105mm Main Gun (as fitted on the M60 Series, which was in service at the time) in favour of a smaller less armoured barbette mounting a 75mm main gun with an autoloader.
  • Weight = 40.8 tonne (yes I know that’s a shit ton for a LT (41 tonne Aufkl Panther ring a bell?), but wait ’til you see how much pony power it has)
  • Crew = 3
  • Cannon size = 75mm high velocity autoloader
  • Engine: = Continental AVCR-1360 12-cylinder super-charged 1500hp diesel
  • Power/weight ratio = 36.76
  • Max speed = 99