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Murazor: “KV-5 has not just been stupidly buffed, but redone. Some buffs, some nerfs, and it got an overall rebalance, but here comes the trouble since we don’t nerf premium tanks, e.g. if we give it 200 pen, we’ll have to nerf DPM, but we’re not allowed to. There is no simple solution, sadly. I would redo it but am not allowed to.”


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  1. i adore my kv5 i have over 800 games in mine. its my favorite premium tank in the game i do not want it changed. i would propose that if people want a better gun pen wise then why dont they do what wows did with a couple prem ships torpedos as in they gave another option to people so they could choose how they wanted to play it and choose the gun they wanted to use to determine the tanks playstyle. everybodys happy if they do this people who prefer the rapid fire 107 can keep it and those who dont like it can switch gun. id propose the same sort of idea for the lowe (id personally give it a 128 option and increase the rof on the 105) while also giving that tank an engine buff because that tank as it stands is way too slow.

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  2. what rule come on, you nerfed my type 59 soo many times that the tank is fucking useless. if something is broken, just fix it I dont care if you have to redone it or buff/nerf it, WG is soo scared right now but I don’t understand why, people will keep buying premium and tanks, its better to have a balanced game than a broken one to don’t bring the cry babys all the time

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  3. “e.g. if we give it 200 pen, we’ll have to nerf DPM, but we’re not allowed to.”

    Yeah sure. How come they were allowed to buff pen but nerf DPM on the STA-2? This fucking clown…

    Currently I’d say leave KV-5 alone. I have no issues playing it. We can talk about rebalance once the rebalance of other tanks were finalised.

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      1. I don’t find it garbage. Of course it’s like a half stock STA-1, generally premiums are worse than same tier tanks but they play similar to the normal tank of the same tier, type and nation.

        Anyway that wasn’t the point of my post try to read it again and understand it. If they were allowed to do the pen buff in exchange for a DPM nerf on the STA-2 a few months ago why aren’t they allowed to repeat the same now with the KV-5?


  4. The ‘not nerfing premium tanks’ is a self imposed rule, self imposed rules can be changed. They are not like some tax rules imposed by their government.

    WG should get act together and change this rule, like any other grownup company would do.

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      1. Yeah, that’s whats happens if you leave a sore untreated for years. Treating it will be pleasant and fancy, but leaving it as is will spread the illness.


  5. Meh, as a KV-5 owner, I must say that I have absolutely no problem with it , anything I can’t pen with AP, I use APCR, If I still can’t pen with APCR, then I fuck off and go cyka blyat davai inferior tanks somewhere else.

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  6. So they cant nerf premiums even in global rebalance? That will make the premiums even more unbalanced. Also if they buff pen and nerf dpm, it is not a ner fin my book but a rebalance. A nerf would be if they only lowered dpm and didnt give it anything in advanace.


  7. There’s something I’d like to address since there have been some calls on nerfs or buffs on certain premium vehicles lately.

    The player base has been wondering why WG has been withholding from changing premium vehicles in the past year and the answer is pretty simple: The consumer right act of 2015 prevents them from making significant changes. It used to be the case that WG’s end user license agreement enabled them to make changes to premium vehicles without any legal repercussions. But, since 2015, European consumers have the right to sue companies that change the description or content of purchased digital goods. So,


    Europe cucked Wargaming

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    1. thats interesting shady i never knew EU had that kinda law…..its seems BS to have that law were games like WoT which need constant balancing an new content to keep customers kinda makes sence why prem MM tanks are being removed so they can add in ones that are more competitive to keep up with the power creep


    2. “But, since 2015, European consumers have the right to sue companies that change the description or content of purchased digital goods.”

      I mean, yes, you are right, but how is one person gonna fight a big company like WG in a court? WG is just going to say that they changed the product but final result is still the same, it still makes the same credits, they’ll pull WR numbers, DPG numbers etc.

      I can’t see anyone winning this, even if WG changed the premiums.


      1. The catch is, this act is very strict. Imagine this, the description of the Rhm. Skorpion in the WG store right now:

        “This Panther based, open turret, tank destroyer is built for ambush tactics and providing fire support from a distance. Thanks to its accuracy, aiming time, penetration and high damage-per-shot, the vehicle suits this role well.”

        Now imagine WG nerfing any of these things significantly while buffing something else to keep the performance the same. Wouldn’t be a big deal right? Well, they’d still break the act as it states:

        “The digital content that you supply to the consumer must match the description that
        you give. Where there is a trial version of the digital content available and the
        consumer examines it before entering into a contract, it is not enough that the digital
        content matches or is better than the trial version, it must also match the description
        (if they differ).”

        So, imagine WG planning to nerf the accuracy and aim-time while buffing the mobility. You’d be in your right to request a refund(or even take them to a court of law) as they broke the act and changed the purchased digital content in a way that makes it lose features it had in the description while being purchased.

        Get what I mean?


  8. WG just talks BS, all thir decisions are economicly driven. The only real thing that will make them change is if people stop playing their game, but that wont happen any soon because it is advertised as “free to pley”.


      1. That happens when one guy takes a wrong armor screencap, another takes even worse, and pubbies exaggerate numbers. Suddenly ~200mm effective LFP becomes ~300mm effective just by the power of internet.


    1. ” This
      clause does not prevent you from adding or enhancing features through a software
      update, although such a term must still be fair, in accordance with Part 2 of the Act,
      and comply with other relevant legislation such as data protection legislation and the
      Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (2008). In this way, digital
      content can improve and evolve over time.”

      Taken directly from the consumer right act: they are allowed to improve.


      1. Yet they nerfed the DPM on the STA-2 in exchange for it’s pen buff.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching about the gun on the STA-2, it’s more comfortable to play now but if they were allowed to do that why can’t they rework other premium tanks as well? Maybe offer a refund in gold like they did with the Superpershing.


  9. Oh my god why the hell is everyone complaining about KV-5 lately? I’ve had it for years and it’s a great tank. It feels perfectly balanced as-is. I mean sure its penetration is on the low-side, but you can always fire APCR in emergencies and it’s so fast for a heavy that it can usually flank the tougher enemies while bouncing shots off its ludicrous armor, making sure to keep moving to make the weakspots hard to hit. It’s the perfect aggressor tank. Maybe that’s why all the coward losers who can’t figure out how to play it are all whining about it.

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    1. If you get into the PERFECT position and are facing a lot of tanks with awful armour? yes it works. but the only true strong spots on the front are the upper plate and the lower plate. The turret front is useless like the KV-4, in that it can be pierced front on by anything with 200mm+ pen and when angled anything with 225mm+ pen, it’s not actually “fast” contrary to popular belief, the DPM is not “amazing” but simply average, the pen is utter garbage even with APCR which I don’t fire due to the fact that it completely negates any reason to play the tank, and you cannot aim for weak spots due to the terrible accuracy. This tank is my most played tank and I still hate taking it out into battles, because as soon as you run into any vaguely decent player you are fucked,


      1. Wow wat, average DPM? The DPM is awesome on this tank. It has alot of HP and its fast for its weight (way faster than Löwe for example).
        And the gun feels so accurate, snapshots are hitting mostly.
        You just try not to show your weakspots first, wait until they fired and then rape them with your DPM and HP pool. While grinding the 3 MoE on it I had almost 2,8k avg dmg with it (of course goldspam+rations). The only tier 8’s I managed to do more damage were Type 59 and T-54 ltwt, but only 10-30 dmg more in average.


  10. I’m an ‘average’ player, and made 87k profit in my last battle in the KV-5…
    A battle a while before that was on Malinovka, I just couldn’t be bothered with it and rolled straight towards the enemy base. Blocked 7.5k damage before I died.
    Why the hell does it need any buffs?

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    1. well thats the problem. the armor was stupidly buffed, but the gun lacks a bit. it sounds like he wants less stupid armor where it was overbuffed, and make the gun more reliable with more pen while decreasing dpm to balance the new pen. but its a lot of changes so hes not allowed.


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