T26E5 Stat Changes

In the last supertest iteration, the Т26Е5 premium tank was changed, main ammo will be APCR with 230mm penetration , the mobility improved: engine power was increased, reverse speed was adjusted to -15km/h. It’s not the final stat change of this vehicle. The process of adjustment of stats and testing its not yet finalized, and some changes might happen in the future.


10 thoughts on “T26E5 Stat Changes

      1. in WoT the values displayed for gun penetration are set for 100m at 0º (game mechanics section of the official wiki under “Penetration Loss over Distance”) and because of that we can conclude that US made 90mm guns are nerfed for balance purposes

        just for context here are the values WT uses:
        90mm M3 (100mvs0º slope, same as WoT)
        AP T33>>188mm
        M82 APCBC(default AP ammo for WoT)>>169mm

        of course it doesn’t mean that the values used in WT are correct, but even still it seems obvious WoT doesn’t present the real values and the diference between 260mm and 243mm is significant in a game like WoT

        but the gun used in the T26E5 is said to be the M3A1 (the same gun as the Patton KR, or at least should be since I haven’t checked) and that used different ammo with higher pen
        used the same M82 APCBC (probably the default value for WoT)>>169mm
        had 2 HVAP:
        the same as the one on the M3 gun>>260mm
        HVAP-T M332>>270mm
        HEAT>>210mm but with no armor penetration loss over distance

        if the T26E5 gun is really the M3A1 and uses HVAP as default AP ammo the value displayed should be higher than 212mm because there guns (M3 and M3A1) were able to pen 210mm from 1500meters with HVAP (against flat surface, 0º)


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