Q&A – 20th September 2016

Q&A with Murazor (M) and Slava Makarov (S), translated by Vlad.
– What about 112, it doesn’t farm well?
S: Will be buffed in 9.16.
– I’m interested in the fate of the second French HT branch. Was it postponed or something?
M: It has troubles, but it’s worth the wait.
– Can the shooting system be changed from an aiming circle, but a system where aiming happens on a 2D plane, and when both are fully aimed the shell flies exactly there.
S: The possibility is there, but the thing is that online numbers started dropping when we increased precision and reduced spreads.
– How will the gamedesigners be punished for the new gamemode? The map is great, but schizophrenics racing around the bot are depressing.
S: Please don’t mix up an event and a new game mode.
– When will the bonuses for inscriptions be removed from the interface? It’s been almost a year.
S: When I work myself as far as this topic.
– Is roaming completely dead?
S: Yes.
– Will there be a Girls und Panzer partnership like in Blitz, with tanks and camo?
S: Maybe only on the ASIA cluster.
– Can you give a decisive answer whether or not a Polish branch will come?
S: There will be Polish tanks, not sure about a branch though.
– Do you plan to return players to low-level? The mean queue time for tier 2 is around 1 minute during prime-time.
S: We have a different solution.
– Might you want to add the event map at least for lower tiers?
S: I already proposed that. It has to be optimized for randoms, though.
– Will there be other concepts of artillery rebalancing? The Sandbox approach is horrendous.
S: Yes.
– Will there be something done about the T34, Löwe?
M: T34 not yet, Löwe yes.

– Will T49 be a tier 10 LT or will there be other tanks?
M: No current tier 8 LT will become tier 10.
– Are magazine loading LTs possible? B-C 25t will remain a MT?
M: We thought about it as a tier 10 LT, but there is another vehicle which fits better.
– Which specialization is planned for LT in the coming rebalance? “Light MT” or still “spotters”?
M: It’S unreal to make LTs pure spotters without castrating the viewrange of all other vehicles. I tend to go for light MTs, but without lolpen guns.
– What about the IS-5?
M: IS-5 is currently in the hands of statwhores only and of course is overperforming in their hands.
– What will HD maps look like? Will you make it this year?
M: It’s harder to redo a map rather than a tank.
– Drawing better textures + adding an option in the game?
M: Hahaha, yeah, really easy map.
– How long will Murazor be allowed to make imbalanced premiums? Skorpion G wrecks randoms, and 112 will soon be better armored than IS-6.
M: It wrecks on its tier, as does the 4503 on his, but I don’t hear cries about it. The Skorpion is fun to play and has up- and downsides. It is visible like a Christmas tree and easy to kill. Skilled players do well in it, tomatoes don’t.
– What about a tier 8 magazine premium (e.g. Lorraine)?
M: How about no?
– Who the fuck had the idea to disable chat?
S: Me. We’ll see. We might rollback after much criticism, but I don’t think it’s likely.
– In which year will the project (WoT) be closed?
S: No such plans.
– Will Strongholds be developed further?
S: We’ll put it through the designer meatgrinder. I personally don’t like them at all.
– Isn’t the chat disabling very European? The causes are always because of the people, not the instruments.
S: The discussions of each other’s mother is not a necessary functionality.
– How do you know about that? There are also hearty discussions.
S: We have chatlogs. Mothers are dominating.
– Is there a mode for tier 10’s planned? Kinda boring to play tier 10.
S: Three.
– When will there be a normal switching between allies after death?
S: We have a prototype.
– Skoda has a penetration that is slightly lower than the slow, blind and turretless SU-85. And higher than the T67, which is the imbalanced TD of its tier.
M: T67 is imbalanced and should be nerfed, yes.
– What are the plans for tank development? I’m not talking about smaller fixes or new tanks/maps/modes. Is there anything more than extensive development, maybe WoT 2.0?
S: Yes, it’s planned.
– I don’t want to ask anything. Planes are dead, ships are dead, tanks are in near-death convulsions.
S: Everything is dead (no, not really).