Bits of Armor – Dealing with Team Damage

You are just cruising and accidentally thump a team mate in his behind. His jimmies are rustled, he swings around his turret and *Boom*, you have 500 HP less. How do you deal with this? Here is three basic ways of dealing with team damage and team killers.

Blue Players can be killed for free

Before I start with dealing with the Team damagers, the best tip of them all is that players that turn blue are now free for all. You can damage and kill this person for free, without penalty. It sometimes happens that a blue player will not move anymore. Don’t worry, he is then already (at least temporarily) banned from the game.

Dealing with Team Damagers

For me there are three options:

  • Shoot ’em back: Not a very good idea (when the others are not blue), as it influences your reputation, costs you experience and credits and it might even cause other team mates to turn on you. Sometimes an option when the guy is on such low health that you can deal with him in one shot (with not too much damage caused).
  • Ignore: Just drive on casually like nothing happened. Might leave you unsatisfied, but maybe the most productive thing to do.
  • Annoy: Don’t shoot the other guy, but just block him, pounce on him a little bit just enough to make him shoot a second time. You can even fire your gun right in front of him to annoy him more. When he turns blue, shoot him to oblivion.

I turned blue; what now?

Take it easy, it will all wear off. It just means that if you continue you will receive a ban, which might get worse over time if you keep doing team damage. Doing more “good” damage to enemies will improve your team damage to enemy damage ratio; meaning in theory you can afford to do more team damage before turning blue.

Bonus tip: never shoot anyone from your team that is capturing the base; this has a huge multiplier on it and will make you blue very fast!

What are your favorite ways to deal with team killers?


18 thoughts on “Bits of Armor – Dealing with Team Damage

  1. What to do? – depends on situation. when i snipe and team mate accidently drive across and i shot him, its 50% my fail, and 50% his, i write sorry. when someone shots me because i am faster than him, i will fu**** report the bastard. if someone shots me i play- if he say sorry then i write NP.. shit happends. but i f9****king hate b***st***rds who shot me because they think i am camping with tier 6 in tier 8 battle… that is the f/*** limit of my control. once thre was a rhm who one shot me in bust when i was spoting 445+ i had a clear vision on enemy a nd he shot me!!!! :D a***hole he has instatn report for that and , uffff… dot even ask what i write to that m**ther f***c*****r. so yea.


  2. when morons are capping even when the team is clearly oblitering the enemy, and i am near base, instead of shooting the guys like most ppl do, i just push they out of the cap zone or track they out and push since they can’t move. but you gotta be in a heavy tank for that =P


  3. you just need too remember shit happens sometimes. sometimes you just get some unlucky rng and your shot doesnt go where you aimed as an example i was driving my jpz e100 once i was trying to kill an autoloader which i was certain would kill the scout tank which was circling it once it lost its momentum unfortunately there was a bush half way between me and that situation the the turret of the guy was catching up with the scout the guy was going to die. i took the shot thinking the scout had just driven around the other side of the enemy tank because his silhouette passed in front of my reticle only for him to then stop dead and start reversing as i clicked and i ammo racked him… i didnt turn blue but i face palmed for a full 30s after that luckily the guy saw what i tried to do and wasnt mad about and said exactly what i said at the start of this shit happens sometimes.


    1. when it comes to deliberate team damagers or killers all you should really do is just ignore them thats all you can really do honestly. it will eventually catch up with them. also when it comes to blockers who just block you when your in a slow tank your best options probably to just alt tab their what made the uk at line such a ball buster because theres no tank which they love to mess with more than those things. especially from tier 5 to 7. its a similar story with some of the german wt line but not as bad. luckily i grinded the entirety of the at8 in one double xp weekend (as well as the gun for the at7) and got like 4 aces in the at8 so i got lucky.
      (the blocking thing with the at line only happened twice to me but i see it happen by far the most often to those tanks and occasionally the jap hts but those things can just push anything in their way)


      1. also a lot of them are not the smartest people on the planet i was playing my kv4 once and of all things a hellcat the tier 6 td decided to sit and just block me i thought he was just getting lag or something but after i sat still for 5s giving him all the time to move he just stayed so i did what youd expect i used him as a couple meters extra front armour because 100 tons vs 15 tons? it tracked him immediately because i was pushing him sideways on but i can say he won us the game thanks to the extra armour he gave me :D


  4. I usually ignore them.

    But once I has a game where I was shot 3 times by a friendly and killed because I was blue.

    I was actually BLUE in XVM and not in game, but that didn’t seem to matter to my dimwitted friendly firing assailant. He/She even used 1 gold shell…


  5. Ignore in all cases, except if there’s a blue player who aggresively trying to kill you/the whole team until dead.

    1. Even against blue, you still pay for the ammo.
    2. Shooting back will significantly increase the chance that the “argument” will not stop until one of you is dead.
    3. Shooting back will significantly increase the chance that other allies will participate in the chaos.
    4. Any prolonged team shooting/killing will demoralize the team, wasting focus or time, or directly causing harm to your team (e.g both of you become easier to be spotted, etc)
    5. Even an idiot could be useful for you and your team, at least for a punching bag/bait.

    So yeah, if someone is playing retardedly, your job is to not copy his idiocy.

    *Above rules could be ignored if victory is already guaranteed even if chaos happens.


  6. Eh, I very rarely return fire. If someone shoots me once and doesn’t apologize, I call him an idiot. If someone is going for me on purpose, I try to get away if I’m in a fast tank (which I quite often am). If not, I try to deal with him if I can (can’t remember last time this happened though). Like said before, throwing away team HP just because I/someone else is pissed is stupid.

    When I do fire though is when I’m in a light tank – not LT as a class necessarily, but tank that is light and easy to push. I experience this a lot lately, usually from HT driver who just has to get a shot off and doesn’t care if he pushes me into 4 enemies. If I survive and have enough HP I shoot that fucking idiot and use couple of reports on him, usually other than unsportsmanlike because that one doesn’t work anymore :)

    And couple of days ago, when I was tilted I shot one of 3 toptier tanks (tier 9 that was) camping a ridgeline the whole game even though he was on a stronger flank, yet he drove into position 1st minute of the battle and hasn’t moved. Fuck that guy really, I drove around the whole map and came back to base because we were being pushed and he just sat there.


  7. I got shot in my object 263 by a RHM borsig waffentrager because I drove in front of him in search of gun depression. I then loaded HE and shot his back setting him on fire and oneshotting him :o It was a rather harsh measure but boy it felt good xD


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