Bits of Armor – Dealing with Team Damage

You are just cruising and accidentally thump a team mate in his behind. His jimmies are rustled, he swings around his turret and *Boom*, you have 500 HP less. How do you deal with this? Here is three basic ways of dealing with team damage and team killers.

Blue Players can be killed for free

Before I start with dealing with the Team damagers, the best tip of them all is that players that turn blue are now free for all. You can damage and kill this person for free, without penalty. It sometimes happens that a blue player will not move anymore. Don’t worry, he is then already (at least temporarily) banned from the game.

Dealing with Team Damagers

For me there are three options:

  • Shoot ’em back: Not a very good idea (when the others are not blue), as it influences your reputation, costs you experience and credits and it might even cause other team mates to turn on you. Sometimes an option when the guy is on such low health that you can deal with him in one shot (with not too much damage caused).
  • Ignore: Just drive on casually like nothing happened. Might leave you unsatisfied, but maybe the most productive thing to do.
  • Annoy: Don’t shoot the other guy, but just block him, pounce on him a little bit just enough to make him shoot a second time. You can even fire your gun right in front of him to annoy him more. When he turns blue, shoot him to oblivion.

I turned blue; what now?

Take it easy, it will all wear off. It just means that if you continue you will receive a ban, which might get worse over time if you keep doing team damage. Doing more “good” damage to enemies will improve your team damage to enemy damage ratio; meaning in theory you can afford to do more team damage before turning blue.

Bonus tip: never shoot anyone from your team that is capturing the base; this has a huge multiplier on it and will make you blue very fast!

What are your favorite ways to deal with team killers?