WoWS Q&A – 14th September 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU

SubOctavian on the new concept for the RN cruisers.

Source: http://forum.worldof…_st__20#topmost

1). Smoke and HE is not what pleases the players nowadays;

2). Smoke and HE is probably the only way of making light cruisers effective, whereas heavier cruisers have other options;

3). If the German cruisers have introduced new variations of gameplay, with the former RN cruiser conception we expect a negative reaction of both captains and their opponents.

This is why we decided to radically change the concept of the branch. The RN will not be HE spammers, but would require thoughtful aiming and maneuvering. The change is radical. We are not sure that it will succeed on first try, nor can we exclude the possibility of a delay in the release.

It is premature to make conclusions at this point. The changes are being tested internally, after which they definitely be given to the super testers. This is why we are unable to go into more detail at this moment.

In any case, we want to make an interesting branch that will enrich the game play.

When the new concept matures, it will be discussed in patch notes of the corresponding version, as well as in publications dedicated to it. There will be more details in due time.

Additional bits of information from follow-up discussions:

1. They are experimenting with bouncing angles for the British AP.
2. The gameplay will be sufficiently different from Königsberg/Nürnberg concept.


6 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 14th September 2016

  1. :D I hope they keep the smoke, but AP spammers sounds awesome imo

    it’d be the perfect balancer for all that invisifire. the shots take skill to make.


    1. Take the smoke away from them but make them have good concealment – this can counter hard the dd, which will be now afraid of invisible CA :)


  2. While I am worried, I am also happy they;re not just going gunboat. I like the RN cruisers from a theoretical standpoint, I like their looks and the chance to play a RNZN Cruiser makes me very happy in my pants. But I don’t like spamming HE at things. It’s just not a fun way to play, in my opinion. Might as well just hold down the RMB. A smaller caliber, AP dependant line would certainly be unique.


  3. And what bout the USN Cruisers past Penscola whose main armaments are utilized in a doctrine where they use their low muzzle velocity and high arc to drop their shells onto a cruiser’s deck armor?


  4. Easy way to implement, give their HE a lot of damage but keep the fire chance very low, HE spam is not a major problem, the fires that comes from it is (rasha cruisers zao etc), this is definitly easier to implement than some wierd shit like 152mm doing reliable dmg from the front of a yamato with AP…


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