WoT & Burger King Collaboration

(this piece of news is 1 month old, but I kept it for today since it wasn’t that important)

Wargaming and fast-food chain Burger King announced a joint promotion again. An unique black tank burger with prizes for buying it. The promotion is available from August 16 2016 to November 15 2016 in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

1 Tank Burger will contain a card with 2 invite codes for WoT / WoWS and 1 bonus code for World of Tanks.

The price is 199 rubles (may vary by region). (3 $)

What you may get with the burger:

– IS-6 and 100% crew for World of Tanks.
– 250 gold for World of Tanks.
– One day of premium account for World of Tanks.
– Personal reserves for crew (+ 200%) for World of Tanks.
–  T-54 first prototype rental (7 days) (with the option to have a 15% discount for the T-54 prot. when entering the code).
–  T26E4 SuperPershing rental (7 days) (with the option to have a 15% discount for the T26E4 wehn you enter the code).
– Invite code with one day premium account and the Valentine II tank for World of Tanks.
– Invite code with three days of premium account, 1000 gold and the Diana ship in World of Warships.


17 thoughts on “WoT & Burger King Collaboration

  1. If that happened here in my country i would probably go to try how the burger king food tastes like for the first time.
    I have to go one day just to see how it compares to McDonaldTrump’s

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I do enjoy BK over MCdons, because their burgers actually contain things other than cheep meat, bun, and near plastic cheese. BK also has lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle etc. The few times MCdons adds something like that to the menu it’s gone shortly after.


    1. Cool, i will make sure to try it when i pass it again.
      It’s just a little bit harder in my country because we have only one BK where i leave while Mc is super easy to find.


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