Cruiser Corner #2

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Greetings everyone, today’s Cruiser Corner is another short article and it is about CL-98 named Tucson. Tucson was part of the Atlanta-Oakland class of light AA cruisers. Commissioned on 3 February 1945.

     Tucson received only one battle star during the war and that was for protecting the carriers while launching the final air attacks against the Japanese home islands. She stayed with the occupation forces after the war till the end of October 1945.
      Since Tucson was fairly new she went to serve on as an AA gunnery training ship till August 1946. Overhauled she served as a command ship for destroyers and cruised the Far East until decommissioned in June 1949.
     With only 4 years of active service she was used as a hulk and finally scrapped in 1971.
Source: American Cruisers of WWII by Steve Ewing 
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