WoWS Q&A – 8th September 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU.
The Q&A by Vessery dated September 5
Below is a first summary, subject to possible (small) corrections.
Q: Several patches ago, the Hatsuharu and the Kagero got Torpedo Reload Booster consumable instead of Smoke, whereas the Yubari and the Iwaki Alpha go the Aiming System Modification 0. Do you plan adding new and unique consumables and upgrades?
A: Yes, but do not expect each new premium ship to have new and unique options.

Q: Rumors say that the Kitakami might never come back.
A: We currently do not any plans for this ship.

Q: Did armor penetration of the Tirpitz guns have changed with the introduction of the German battleships.
A: Yes. The armor penetration of the 380 mm L/4.6HE shell has been increased from 64 to 95mm.

Q: Ramming damage is the same no matter if you collide head-on or scrape the enemy.

A: We have greatly simplified damage model for ramming because ramming is a rare event, and because it is quite difficult to implement a detailed damage model. Currently, the damage model only accounts for the speeds and the hit points of the ships.

Q: Do you plan to limit the number of torpedoes carried by the destroyers.
A: No.

Q: What does the queue length on the loading screen of a game tell you?
A: It tells you the number of players in the queue that have tiers comparable to yours. For example, you have a tier 10 ship, then it is the number of players with tier 8,9,10 ships in the queue.

Q:  In this game, you are trying to balance things which cannot be balanced from a logical and a historical point of view. For example, a destroyer should be able to fight battleships, which is absurd. Hence, the torpedo soups and the HE spam. Would it not be better to get rid of destroyers at higher tiers by replacing them with light cruisers.
A: No. We want all types of ships present at all tiers bar tier 1-3, and for all types to be competitive. Therefore we make concessions in realism in favor of gameplay and balance.

Q: Do you plan changes to the economy?
A: Yes. For example, we plan awarding credits for spotting and tanking damage.
Interesting information from Malik on the average sales per player in different regions, taken from a recent new digest by getfun:
Take an average amount of money spent by a RU player over a given period of time.
an average Asian player spends 3.4 times this amount (an average Chinese player 3.3).
an average EU players spends 5 times this amount
an average US player spends 7 times this amount.
All other information by getfun is ether known or concerns the RU WoW anniversary event, which is similar to the NA anniversary event (but better).