WoWS: On High Tier Repair Discounts

Source: Vallter_, WG RU Staff


We will not be extending the discount. But before you try to throw me burning disapprovals, a change we will make – it will be economically better to farm with the introduction of containers, which we have recently shown at gamescom. They will earn more credits per session for all players.

If these measures are not sufficient for a comfortable game on top tiers with premium, we will consider options to reduce the cost of repairs permanently.”


4 thoughts on “WoWS: On High Tier Repair Discounts

    1. Now there mate, imagine you work fulltime on a profit-oriented project. And you make that available to everyone, regradless if they pay or not. I dont think you would like to work for free now, do you?


      1. *looks at WG’s yearly profit*

        Yeah, looks like they are really suffering, and really need to switch high tier economy on one of their games from a stable and easily modifiable version, to am ring shitfest.


      2. Still at Tier X, if you do 2x your HP in damage and not be sunk you should break even without premium and make a profit with premium.
        How its now, youll be lucky to make a profit doing 2x your hp and not even taking 50% of your HO


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