WoWS: IJN DDs will be rebalanced

Translated by Redditor iku_19 from the RU forums. (original source: Sub_Octavian)

It’s assumed that two types of playstyle will be made:

  • Sufficiently versatile ships, unobtrusive and designed to both use main caliber and torpedoes [probably along the lines of multi-purpose, jack-of-all-trades– think USN DDs]
  • More “artillery” variants with fewer torpedoes (but with wider arcs/faster traverse/faster torpedoes) and access to the reload accelerator [torpedo reload booster consumable, more specialized in artillery but with a torpedo bite– think VMF DDs]

The current playstyle of “stealth [torpedo] soup” will therefore change. [Expect torpedo nerfs, and artillery buffs]

But this in preliminary information, the branch in the near future will go to supertest. [This information is not final]


11 thoughts on “WoWS: IJN DDs will be rebalanced

    1. Seconded. Kamikazi is like crack. 6km ship spotting range and 7km torpedoes makes for those tense torp runs where you’re hovering right on the edge of detection to get the best spread. Please don’t take that away.


  1. …That’s like deleting an entire playstyle and replacing it with existing playstyles of other nations. I guess more variety means bad right?
    Like why would I even switch to play IJN DDs if Im a USN/VMF DD player when they will just be the same stuff again with changes to detail

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      1. I think WG is having trouble balancing torps, as they have balancing arty =P anyway, if you make DD’s pure using their guns, then i don’t see why it’s not better to play cruisers, since its basically the same, but in cruisers you get to be more usefull with your guns, the moment a DD shoots its focused by the entire enemy fleet =P


        1. If they can change it to be just different to the existing styles, this could be good cause it’ll require something more than pressing on 3 once in a while, but I honestly doubt it. Fingers crossed for now.


      2. I can understand them not wanting a ship with 6km spotting distance throwing out 14km torps, but if they remove stealth torping entirely then I’m going to be pretty disappointed. That’s the IJN DD’s entire deal! All I need is torps with a range 1km more then the ship’s spotting distance, and it’s on(looking at you Kamikazi).

        Hopefully more details are given soon.

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  2. I dont like dodging torpedoes, either. But at the same time its all the IJN DD is good for after a while.

    If you really want to “balance them” then limit the total number of torpedoes that a ship can fire in one engagement.

    That will stop the soup kitchens hard.

    If you just want to thin the soup out some increase the reload times. then Captains with multiple launchers on a side may want to have an extra spread handy for emergencies.

    For them that are QQCRYINGQQ at the loss of an “area denial” tactic. How about getting the option to fire one torp at a time from muti-launchers?

    Sure your less likely to hit but whether its 2 or 20 torps in the water you still are forced to manuever.


    how about an exp gain mechanic for spotting and maintaining vision on targets to make up for the piles of damage that WONT happen as a result of reduced/removed torp spam?


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