WoT Blitz – Collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles


11 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles

  1. Hopefuly we don’t have to see this crap in the regular WoT. Or at least not in the regular game modes. That would be a game breaker for me.


    1. CN if they do bring it, they have an option in menu screen to “disable visual” for it.

      this reverts the models to normal models, sounds to normal sounds, and crew to normal crew for you.

      so anime fans can enjoy using the remodels and stuff. while you will just see “tiger 1A” and “tiger 2A” which both just look and act like a normal tiger 1 or tiger 2.

      sound fair?


      1. It works brilliantly IF the anime vehicles has the same hitbox model as the regular version of it (Basically ARP ships), but how would it work if the VC tanks are bubbly-looking and nothing like the non-anime counterpart of it.


        1. from what i’m seeing on the valkyria models there really isn’t much of a difference.

          specially when they models they using have existed for Tiger 2 and E75 for 3 years now.

          and heck the vk 45.03 is an even better match.

          the thing to keep in mind is the valkyria tanks are essentially tiger 2 style tanks with tons of “non collision area” like Super P’s 2nd cupola, or Obj 777v2’s machine gun port. or Tiger P’s box on the rear of the turret


            1. welcome to the obj 777v2

              thank god WG recently canceled it.

              but overall it wont be as bad as it looks, the visual is very much in line with vk 45.03.


      2. The problem is that those tanks are not simply Tiger 2 with a colored skin on it. Those are remodels.
        You are right, the one you posted earlier >>remind<< me of a Tiger 2, but there are some major differences.
        The turret seems to be bigger compared to the hull and/or the engine deck is much shorter than on the original Tiger 2. And the turret has an other shape, too.

        The remodeled E75 you posted has a curved upper hull plate and the turret doesn't even remind me of the E75's turret.

        So there will be different (visual) armor angles and a lot of "no-damage-zones".
        The people who play with those models will have a major disadvantage because their visual model will be simply wrong and you can't implement tanks which hitzones are only visible to those who play with that anime crap ingame (that would force everyone to use those skins).

        Make that a seperate gamemode, but please not in random!


        1. ok so lets say they make the model match the “anime version”
          you can still disable the anime skin so it looks like a normal tank (grey, brown, green color)

          and it would be fair game. even in randoms(which is where its intended in blitz)

          mad cause its not historical? welcome to WoT. T28 prototype isn’t real either. not even blueprinted.
          and IS-3? its armor layout doesn’t match historical at all anymore. its missing the 20mm armor strip across its entire side where the suspension connects to the hull (the “angled” part of the bottom side armor. the “angle part” that doesn’t exist on the hitbox.)

          actually with IS-3 in mind, who cares if hitbox doesn’t match visual model? they did it for IS-3.


          1. The problem is that I (and maybe a lot of other players) don’t want this anime tanks in game. And i don’t really care about if they have an anime skin or a grey, brown, green, etc. skin.

            The difference between those “tanks” and tanks like the T28 Prot is that the T28 >>could<< be produced that way. Take a look at those guns for exampe. They are pretty short. It's not very logical to give them more than 200mm penetration without useing HEAT.

            I simply don't get why you want those tanks in random battles so badly. Give them a seperate game mode and everyone is fine.

            Btw: Please tell us where the hitbox of the IS-3 doesn't match the visual model. I quick checked it and didn't find a difference. So there can't be that big differences as between the normal E-75 and the remodeled one (or between the Tiger 2 and that anime "tank").


  2. *raises axe*
    any last words WoT PC Dev #43? like why Console and Blitz are getting this stuff and WoWS is leading the way while WoT PC rots?


    next Wot PC Dev plz

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