Supertest: Strv m/40L

Tier III regular Swedish light tank.
By 1940, the lack of tanks in the Swedish army became apparent. One solution to the problem was the modernization of L-60 tank. The first 100 modernized machines recieved a new automatic transmission and other improvements. Modernization was carried out by AB Landsverk, so these tanks entered service under the designation Strv m / 40L. Later on the tanks produced in the factory in Karlstad began to have more powerful engines installed and an enhanced suspension. These machines were designated Strv m / 40K.
Tier: 3 LT
Hp: 230
Engine: 205 hp
Mass: 10,142 t
Power-to-weight: 20,21 hp/t
Max speed: 45/18 km/h
Hull turning speed: 38 degrees/second
Turret turning speed: 34,4 degrees/second
Terrain resistance values: 0,959/1,295/1,87
View range: 320 m
Radio range: 345 m
Hull armor: 48/13/? mm
Turret armor: 50/20/? mm
Gun: 37 mm kan m/38-49 strv
Alpha Damage: 40/40/50
Penetration: 78/98/19 mm
Damage Per Minute: 1 251,4
Rate Of Fire: 31,286 rounds/minute
Reload time: 1,918 seconds
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 1,53 s
Depression/Elevation: -15/+25
Gun: 37 mm kan m/38 strv
Alpha Damage:40/40/50
Penetration: 55/78/19 mm
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