Preview of upcoming IJN DD new tech tree.

It would seem that some re-arrangment of current IJN tech tree is incoming, in addition to a new mini-tree that goes only to tier 8.




Tier changes:
Kagero, Tier 9 to tier 8
Fubuki, Tier 8 to tier 6
Hatsuharu, Tier 7 to tier 6 (New Tree)
Mutsuki, Tier 6 to tier 5 (New Tree)

This re-arrangement features 4 new ships in total.

Akatsuki at tier 7
Shiratsuyu at tier 7
Akizuki at tier 8
Yugumo at tier 9.

Provided pictures:






16 thoughts on “Preview of upcoming IJN DD new tech tree.

        1. Superb or not, it’s only effective against other DD, not so much BB again because of HE pen vs tier10 armor. It’s torps are almost useless too.


  1. Just a little preview on the new ships based on their historical characteristic.
    Akatsuki- Expect current B-hull Fubuki, nerfed to tier 7 stats
    Shiratsuyu- Expect current B-hull Hatsuharu but with quad torps
    Akizuki- lol 10cm gunboat with better AA than normal IJN DD
    Yugumo- Expect current Kagero with slightly better AA, one of the upgrade may include removing one quad torp launcher for additional 25mm dakka (Historically, Yugumos had the Type D turret that allowed 75 degree elevation so the X turret weren’t required to be removed for additional AA)

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  2. So what would the new line going to be gameplay wise, Akizuki has decent AAs, so is that going to be similar to US DDs with better AA but worse guns?


    1. I am no expert on this matter , but it should be similar to USN DDs with something in the lines of 15-19 RPM for its main gun (if WG doesn’t nerf this to oblivion) and other typical IJN DD gun traits with better AA . So you basically have a mobile AA gunboat (that is quite the slow ship)

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      1. So they’re breaking things into a gunboat tree and a stealth torpedo tree? I hope that’s the idea, because the Mutsuki has been a real letdown after tiers 2 through 5.


        1. Basically yes, one tree ends with a gunboat and the other ends with a torpboat. But the mid tier ships in the gunboat line is still pretty much torpboats, it is down to WG to whether balance them according to the end tier characteristics or going with the typical IJN torpboat gun stats.


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