Map Monday – Mountain Pass


5 thoughts on “Map Monday – Mountain Pass

  1. Original corridor map, with like 3-4 squares that are playable. IDK what this POS map still does in the game and why it hasn’t been reworked several times (I think some slight reworks were done but nothing major).
    “Lights can be a miracle” yeah right on map where every fight is corner poking at 50-250m.


  2. Not a fan of this guide, imho. Gives new players bad ideas by portraying ice road as a viable brawling spot, which it isn’t. It’s true that a push there sometimes makes it unhindered to the cap, but usually it is a horrible death trap with little cover for the tanks involved. Once you’re in, you won’t get out if you can’t push through, and its up to the other tank classes to decide the game – And thats the best case. I have lost far too many matches on this map because the heavies somehow think its an good idea to drive there and then quickly croak one by one due to flanking fire from the bridge and/or middle, while the south road gets stomped very hard because the hardest metal is missing…. It’s much like the goddamn fucking death canyon in 1/2 line in Lakeville that way. By far the worst spot in the map, yet everybody and his cat drives there for some reason and fails horribly *shudder*.


    1. Pubbie lanes. Valley on Lakeville, beach on Overlord, 8-line on Abbey, 1-2 line on Cliff. Areas often on lower ground where arty can usually shoot, often with bad terrain and no chance to get side shots into enemies.
      Yet pubbies seem to be attracted to them. Not sure why but there must be something magical, because otherwise I see no reason to time and time again drive into the area where I don’t get good game ever.

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  3. I dont see an issue if both teams push both sides. Usualy most maps works great if the tenks play their roles i.e. HTs push and TDs and MTs being second line support. But if one team plays passive and camping and staying hull down and dont break cover then most maps will turn into bullshit.


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