Problems – again

I can’t even turn on my PC. So I’ll leave you dry on news until I fix it. Unfortunately, I don’t have money for a new one. It’s horrible and I feel worthless. Sorry.


PS: please help. Can anyone solve repetitive HDD freezes around 40 seconds long? I replaced the HDD, they still happen.


37 thoughts on “Problems – again

  1. I’m not a PC geek so I can’t help you :(

    BTW I have 2 WoWS invite codes from Iowa museum during this weekend’s LA Fleet Week 2016 , I’m not sure if it will only works on NA server. I want to give this out as I’m on ASIA server and has a account already


    1. My guess is that would only be likely to make it worse.

      From what you say so far it looks like the drive isn’t the issue. Motherboard is most likely.


  2. don’t know enough about computers to help you out, but you most likly are fairly angry on your computer right now, and that is where i can give you some advice if you need :D


  3. So you swapped in to another HDD on the same mobo? If it still happens it’s either the SATA cable or the mobo itself. Could exclude the HDD by connecting it to another PC or so if you something laying around. Try to exclude parts so you can aim at the part that causes it


  4. The HDD freezes or the screen?? i.e you can move the mouse but nothing happens.
    Which operating system do you use?
    If the whole PC freezes, it is normally an interrupt problem (you have two drivers that do not get along with each other and cause the whole system to freeze).
    Please give us some info:
    Operating System
    Hard disk type
    Graphics card
    other cards you may have installed on the PC


  5. Since reinstalling the OS didn’t solve the issue, it’s either the motherboard firmware or hardware.
    If you can, check your HDD on another computer to see if it also malfunctions there.
    Basically you need to check all your components individually.


  6. Good point that with the PSU but as I read he has a 1Tb Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive. I would be surprised if they consume too much voltage.

    – How did you come to the conclusion that it is the HDD drive that is freezing?
    – If you start it is SAFE mode, does it work normally?
    – Do the freezes happen randomly or under certain conditions?

    – Solution: find an old hard disk put it in place of the SSD, install Win64 there and see if the problems continue. Then you know for sure where it is Win64 related (driver conflict) or not.
    If it works, put your SSD drive as SECOND drive and see if it causes now problems.
    If this works, you know it is your Win64 on the SSD that is the problem.

    For me it looks like a typical situation where drivers conflict and cause the system hangs.
    But the idea about the Power supply is also a good thing to check.


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