Convoy Mode: More Info

* The Lanchester Armoured Car can only get into the random battle queues.
* TheLanchester Armoured Car can only get on the Somme map;
* In the special mode you can play in platoons. Dynamic platoons are prohibited.
* By default on Lanchester Armoured Car will have a special camouflage, camouflage that matches the team that accompanies the Mark 1 tank in combat. The opposing team will have a different camouflage.
* Lanchester Armored Car cannot be customized, the option for that will be blocked.

* Three new logos and four new inscriptions will be added to the game, so players can add them to normal/premium tanks they have in their garage, for the normal gold/credits prices.
* You can replace the crew, use consumables/equipment on the armored car.
* For the armored car, WG created a new physical model of movement.
* In the battle there will be 2 teams of 7 players: attackers and defenders.
For the attacking team, Mark 1 is controlled by the bot. Its goal – to reach and capture the enemy base.
* The purpose of the defending team -do not let Mark I reach their base. To do this, you need to find the bomb, which appears on the map and bring it to the Mark 1. After bringing the bomb to Mark 1, it will get damage and temporary track damage.
* The purpose of the attacking team is to accompany Mark 1 to the enemy base. When the tank is broken  it can be repaired, bringing a repair kit, which appears on the map, if Mark 1 has its tracks broken.

– The map has a lot of bonuses, which can be used by players:

Gun – for some time will accelerate the shooting rate;
Big gun – kill an enemy with one shot.

If you lose all the HP points, your armored car explodes, and then respawns to go into battle again
For the mode there will be made special user interface elements: a central panel showing the current progress of movement, base capture and so on.

– Ways to win/lose:

1. Mark 1 did not get to the base – ran out of time.
2. Mark 1 was destroyed.
3. Mark 1 reached the base and captured it.


4 thoughts on “Convoy Mode: More Info

  1. Ohhh, so that’s the 500 damage crap, a Big Gun.
    Now I’m half expecting it to be nicknamed BFG. If you don’t know what that is, you are too young.

    Alright, I guess the hype levels are optimal now.




  2. “For the armored car, WG created a new physical model of movement”
    It’ll be kinda confusing how this one works, since the armored car has like 12hp/ton and average terrain resistances and is still fast as fuck, so it’s not possible to guess how fast those armored cars will be just from stats.


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