Supertest: Strv Leo

Tier: 7 MT
HP: 1100
Engine: 650 hp
Mass: 25,311 t
Power-to-weight: 25,68 hp / t
Max speed: 60 / 20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 37 °/s
Turret turning speed: 35,5 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,055 / 1,63
View range: 370 m
Radio range: 710 m

Hull armor: 70 / 30 / ? mm
Turret armor: 70 / 35 / ? mm

Gun: 10 cm kan m/34

Alpha Damage: 300 / 300 / 410
Penetration: 155 / 194 / 53
Rate Of Fire: 5,74
Damage Per Minute: 1722,1
Reload time: 10,452 s
Accuracy: 0,384
Aiming time: 2,78 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +15

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:


27 thoughts on “Supertest: Strv Leo

  1. Seems pretty nice in terms of mobility + gun depression, but then WG arm it with a 155 pen potato cannon with horrible aim time + accuracy and it turns out to be another crap tier 7 medium to add to the ever-growing heap…

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  2. What is it about WG’s balance department and their crappy tier 7 medium balance.
    Can’t they for once overhaul all of them and introduce this new line on par with this overhaul, instead of adding another bad specimen, which will only add to their list of things-to-do…..which to be quite frank is growing out of proportion.

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      1. So thru indeed regretfully :( though my opinion is this ‘strategy’ is fast becoming outdated fast and needs adjustment asap. A product needs to appeal to a certain pleasurable factor and not appeal to a frustration factor. The latter is bad game design, which leads to low player retainment.


  3. Most T7 mediums either have pew pew guns with low alpha and pen, or bigger guns that can’t hit shit (or you just stand there and aim for a few seconds and get shot if that’s what you like :P ). This combines worst of the two really. Hopefully it’ll atleast have option to mount v-stabs.

    Platform for the gun is pretty nice though, very fast, good gun depression and turret will hopefully bounce something atleast (highly angles sides and roof, angled front and some mantlet).

    I wonder how the second gun will look like (DPM, accuracy, aimtime etc.), it might even be a better choice.

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  4. this tank has a lot of potential if you know this sort of playstyle think of its like a 150mm armed borsig and how you effectively use it as mid range fire support instead of a dedicated long range sniper like it is with the 128. except this has better gun depression which should make this thing even easier to fit with this style considering the small size. also as i mentioned on the last post about this the oi exp gets a near identical gun 2 tiers lower.


  5. Hmmm. With these stats… I think I am safe to assume that this will, by great chance, be the next T-34/100, which was so horrible, grinding it felt like driving to hell and back and back from hell and back to hell, every single battle.
    I had about 3 or 4 decent battle with that and I went quite a few.

    Please don’t make this that shitty, please-please-please.


    1. For me the worst part of grinding t-34/100 was the combination or limited gun depression, long aim time and lack of protection, meaning getting into position to shoot someone was tricky and very frustrating and getting even a shingle shot off could cost an entire tank in return.

      So the sweedish leo at least has some gun depression to work with. That puts it the whole universe apart from t-43/100.


      1. Let that be true then, I really don’t want to relive that hell ever again.
        Ridgeline sniping is not my cup of tea, but I guess I can adapt, as long as the Leo won’t suck even at that.


          1. You are telling something.
            Alright, so it will be like the old Hellcat or the T67, fine.
            The only true conclusions could be drawn after we researched, bought and played it. Eh.


  6. With that speed, size and gundepression it might play like the Comet (best tier 7 med imho) on boosters. Like the squirrel in “Over the hedge” after it drank the energy drink. I don’t think it will be that bad of a tier 7 medium. Sure enough the gunhandling will suck a bit, but yet there are worse and maneuverability plus gun depression almost always works out fine for the versatility of a tank.


    1. Though it has good gun depresion, with that aimtime and accuracy it can’t really do ridge poking. it’s more of a flanker, run out behind a heavy, blast them in the side or rear for 300 damage then run away before they can turn arround, then pop up from another side and repeat.


      1. … though I don’t know what accuracy and dpm that 75mm gun has, it could be good if you want a more comet like tank, that trades turret armor for even more speed.


      2. No offense but if you did that, you would spend entire match running around trying to find openings and result would be doing pretty much nothing. Only tanks capable of doing this are french autoloaders, you find an opening, empty a clip and get out.
        I do think this will probably be a ridgeline poking tank, you can’t snipe, you can’t fight with heavies. You need to take early-game hulldown position that are quite agressive (because shitty accuracy and pen) and hope you are not the one getting shot at the most, and ideally be in a position where you don’t get rushed.
        The alpha is great for countering mediums, T7 meds are usually 4 shot for you, 2 shots into T6 mediums and he’s almost dead. Good counter for lights aswell.


  7. This thing reminds me of a Pre Nerf Hellcat.
    that traded accuracy and gun handling for the hull and turret turn speed of a medium tank.

    And i imagine the servers will be full of maniacs driving these things like Finish Rally Cars

    I think that used with the ” zooM ka-Boom! and Zoom” tactics that french auto loaders introduced, this tank may be a bit more fun than you would think. Wait till a turret is facing the wrong way and a full platoon of these can come over a hill do 900 damage (1230 of HE spam) in one pass. and then drive off around a corner.

    And in the time it takes to turn around and get back up to speed to do it again they are reloaded.

    or you use the elite gun from the tier6 tank (with hopefully a dpm boost?) in your 3 tank wolf pack and chew the target to pieces as it gets circle strafed to death.

    The thing that really confuses me is that this mobility is very different from the perceived
    “not too fast not too slow hug ridge/red line like waifu” playstyle of its tier 6 predecessor on the medium tree.

    is this “And Now For Something Completely Different ..” theme something that we will see throughout the Swedish line(s)? Cause that would be awesome.
    Or infuriating if one cant figure out how to play it.

    I look forward to the inevitable SuperNoodle “unincum guides”

    Yes the armor is still non existent (except for that mantlet) however it also has more speed backwards than many tanks do forward. This has worked out well for tanks like Mutz, Patton KR, and CdC.
    Even the panther 88 in some cases …


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