EMIL I & EMIL II Pictures

Stats are not out yet, sorry. Very similar tier 8 and 9 Swedish HTs.


33 thoughts on “EMIL I & EMIL II Pictures

    1. Er… Sort of. To me, it looks like the oscillation mechanism actually covers the whole front of the turret, so the gun and rear portion of the turret move independently up or down. Judging by the height of the gun, it looks like it’ll have pretty fantastic gun depression and elevation, especially for a tank with an oscillating turret, and this adheres to the design philosophy of Swedish tanks, so it makes sense.

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  1. I hope they dont give it some retarded alpha and pen like 400 dmg and 258mm AP or something. How the fuck is my kv4 relevant anymore when all these tenks exist with uber pen and shit? Too many fast tenks make games too fast for my caernarvon, tiger II and fucking kv4.


    1. Instead of complaining that’s too much pen&dmg, why not say buff the 3 tanks u mentioned. While I was grinding my KV-4 to ST-1, it was a ok grind, but I have to admit there’s definitely a need to buff these 3.


    1. Sense the 150mm ammo failed, and they also failed to purchase a 120mm gun design from another country shouldent this thing be gunned with a 105 (would atleast make it interesting in that it wouldn’t be another 120mm auto-loader heavy.)


  2. as long as the pnetration on the guns is balanced and by that i mean 220 give or take 15 fort he tierr 8 and 235 give or take 10 for the tier tier 9 these could be good BUT they shouldnt continue the trend of tanks constantly getting better and better penetration armour struggles enough already it doesnt need to become less relevant that it already is. as for the tier 10 getting a 150mm potentially if they make it roughly maus pen levels it should be fine yet again we dont need more 270 pen guns the game has been broken enough by them.


    1. this brings up my argument again of any gun being rated as tier 9-10 (a little ix or x in the top left or right of the module icon) shouldnt get premium ammunition at all they just dont need it.


  3. Seems like a pretty interesting tank design to me. Couldn’t really tell how the gun elevation mechanism worked from the previous (historical) pictures, but now it looks pretty ingenious, since it looks like the base of the oscillation mechanism extends up and covers the entire front of the turret, acting as an armor shield, which makes a lot of sense IMO. Looks like it has the possibility to be very good, and it looks like it should be able to keep with the Swedish theme of great gun depression.

    I guess it might be like a cross between the two French heavy lines – the current, lightly-armored autoloader line and the incoming mini-branch of non-autoloading, decently-armored heavies.


    1. Pen and gold is gotten outta hand. Few heavys can fulfill their role thanks to gold ammo, and on lower tiers too much pen on tanks.


  4. Gold ammo usage can be debunked so fucking easy by listening to some of the comments by “skilled” players.

    Gold ammo was abused long before maps were changed and long before accuracy was buffed, so it is totally BS to claim gold ammo is used due to maps and bad accuracy. Also why do tenks having alreaddy good pen and accuracy and gun stats use gold ammo anyways?

    I recently start using the damage panel and it is sad how many people that are shooting gold on the same tier. Something needs to be done in order to encourage flanking and brawling. HTs dont even play proper they just sit hull down refusing to come closer, and to compensate the longer distance and bad accuracy they load apcr/heat. That is NOT how the game should be played.


  5. This game should be about skill. If a fucking E100 can’t do a simple task and turn his turret 30 degrees to angle it, or simply get into cover when he’s reloading I’ll happily load gold and pen his turret frontally 9/10 times.
    Stop being baddies and putting yourself into positions where you get shot by multiple enemies or don’t have atleast partial cover. Everyone can press W in his frontally unpennable HT and go forward in narrow corridors and not get penned. Game like that would be so much fun and skillbased right?

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      1. Well your one sentence surely made a huge point, aka I can’t play this game so I attack everyone that disagrees with my stupid opinions ;)


    1. Yeah,only that by turning your turret 30 deg,you cant shoot your enemy,and if he is skilled enough,he will be waiting for you to start turning your turret to shoot him,and then unload his skill ammo……oh,and good luck turning your turret facing a gold spamming JPZE100,E3,155 etc etc…..with that police bar on top also………ARMOR IS FCKN USELESS,and it really shouldnt be….


      1. If armor was useless Leo 1 wouldn’t be fucking trash.
        FV 4005 has more mobility and slighty better gun that 215b 183, but it loses out on armor. And is less painful to grind.
        If your logic was correct everyone would drive around in 4005. But nobody does because it doesn’t have turrett armor. Armor is useless confiremed right here.

        Re E100 – you can outrade everyone except TD’s. So unless you’re poking into 3 tanks or high alpha TD’s you are making not great but good trades. If you are poking into 3 tanks or high alpha TD’s read my previous post.


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