Slope (Night) Map Video

Release date: unknown


22 thoughts on “Slope (Night) Map Video

    1. No Woras, you are a Tawny Owl, on drugs.
      To understand the joke: in Hungarian that owl is called macskabagoly, which literally means cat-owl.



      1. Aurora Borealis, you jackass.
        Though I think it will consume the same amount of energy as the birds do, so, it won’t matter.


  1. Night map my ass.
    But release it anyway, we need new maps to hate. Overlord and Pilsen are getting old and one can hate them only so much…


  2. WG: a night map? ok we’ll remove the sun and color everything blue. thats what night is like right?

    Players: you sleep with a room full of nightlights don’t you?

    WG: no i’m a big boy, i haven’t pee’d the bed for a full week

    Players: …………………………….

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