More Stridsvagn 103B Pictures

Apparently, its development was very complicated.

8 thoughts on “More Stridsvagn 103B Pictures

  1. Looks good. Had fun climbing all over one at Shrivenham. May have to play this line…

  2. I actually remember seeing a documentary of modern tanks a few years ago, this one was said to be a powerful, unique tank for a specific land. This will be absolutely amazing for hill battles, if I\’m not mistaken.

    I guess I will grind it out… eventually…

      1. I think it will be modeled, otherwise it would be wierd to even take the time to add it to the model.

  3. For the first couple of years of it\’s use it was immune to all known guns/ammunition types that were known at the time. if shoot at from the front.
    Also it goes as fast backwards as forwards, around 60-70 kph if memory serves.
    Quite curious on how they have implemented it in the game as I\’m pretty sure it will not be done as the real thing or it will be OP as … 🙂

    1. I\’m betting they would make it similar to the pre nerf hellcat mobility but my guess is to balance it a bit they wouldn\’t give it the best hull traverse speed.

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