T95/Chieftain Gameplay


10 thoughts on “T95/Chieftain Gameplay

  1. It’s really ridiculous how a heavy tank with a medium tank turret gets classed as a medium tank and a medium tank with a heavy tank turret gets classed as a heavy tank

    o wait forgot WG doesn’t know shit about logic


    1. From what I understand, the Chieftain is likely to come into the game as a medium tank, since the hull armor insufficient for a heavy tank.


  2. And you too can own this tank closest thing we will get to the chieftain for the simple payment of….your life for fame points….


    1. Now, upcoming campaign is tier 8 tanks playing and T8 tanks as reward.
      This is different one, Chieftain turret and T95 hull, the T8 one is the other way around.


        1. Hell yeah. We have:

          Chieftain Mk. 6, T10 HT
          T95E6, T10 MT
          T95/Chieftain, T10 HT with T95 hull and Chieftain turret
          T95E2, T8MT
          Chieftain/T95, T8 MT with Chieftain hull and T95 turret


  3. I would participate in the campaigns and win one of these fancy CW reward tanks…if i didn’t have a life and wanted to waste the little time i get to play WoT on CW waiting rooms.


    1. In terms of gameplay this will be practically identical to the Chieftain, which we will probably see as a regular medium tank at the top of a second British medium branch at some point. You are not missing out.
      Non of the CW rewards is interesting to play. They are just slightly different and most importantly nerfed versions of regular tanks. I got all of them and they are just collecting dust in my garage. They are more a trophy than anything else really.


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