WoT Rheinmetall Skorpion G Easter Egg

Inside of the superstructure of the Rheinmetall Skorpion G, which goes on sale soon, you can find an interesting thing (easter egg). This photo is of the German actress and singer Marlene Dietrich.

Dietrich remained in history as a popular singer. Her harsh tone with expressive contralto attracted fans at all times.

Marlene Dietrich had a vivid, unforgettable impact on fashion, film, style and feminine consciousness. She was a shocking type of beautiful and charming woman, both vicious and innocent, provocatively sexy and unapproachable. Despite the fact that Marlene Dietrich was not the world’s greatest actress, singer and dancer, her popularity was very high. Her unusual fate (associated with art, politics and sex), the loneliness at the end of her life are of interest and controversy in the twenty-first century.

14 thoughts on “WoT Rheinmetall Skorpion G Easter Egg

  1. well thats an interestign cosmetic choice.
    but i approve.

    small easter eggs like this could help several tanks….

    …..crap now i want to fix my old hellcat skin….(and i really don’t like hellcat since the gun handling got destroyed)…i blame you seb!

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  2. Archer got one photo of Winston Churchill too, maybe WG is getting a tendency of putting photos in opened tanks.

    So artys will get photos that represents the cancer they are in the game then? =P

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    1. Maybe pictures from cigarette packs, showing all kinds of diseases? (in the arties) They are disgusting, I bet if you put those in the satellite view aswell number of arty players would decrease :P


  3. Price of Rhm Skorpion? 30€? 40€? or amazing package… 400€, get skorpion for free if you buy sh*tload of useless bonuses.


  4. It’s nice to see WG starting to add these realistic touches to these vehicles. The M103, Hellcat, Skorpion all seem more realistic with these extra little items (dust cover, crew gear, crew comforts).


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