TAP Poll: Gold Ammo

I decided to make more polls, in order to gauge the community’s opinion about certain subjects. Hope you’ll vote!


50 thoughts on “TAP Poll: Gold Ammo

      1. I feel that the fact that a medium tank can just load this and shoot easily through the front of even a Japanese heavy tank is a severe issue.


    1. As Alex said – Keep the pen, reduce the damage,

      But, also limit maxing loadout of gold shells to ~33% (IMO, 25% is too little a load, 50% is too much)


    2. Voted “something else” for this option. Reduce the damage enough to make it a hard choice between hoping to pen and getting a good hit or knowing you’ll pen but with less impact.


  1. the main problem is that some tanks are almost useless without gold… while most of the others become totally OP with it….

    just change those few thanks that really need that gold ammo, buffing the normal penetration and then you can nerf dmg or limit whatever you want.

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      1. ultra heavys suffer, specially the useless e100…

        weird cause e100 is one of those tanks that without gold, its gun is useless.

        there a very few tanks that really need that ammo…. change/remove the normal ammo, add the gold as normal

        and limit/ remove the gold ammo at the rest of tanks.


          1. yes, e100 needs gold, worst pen at tier 10, with terrible acc, terrible aim time, and soft turret…..

            gold or die, basically that. and still with gold its a terrible tank, nothing to do vs e5, is4, is7 , fv215 or 113

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  2. Drop the price, considerably. Its no longer “gold” in the extravagant sense that you just load it to make the game easier.

    APCR has more pen, but does less damage than regular AP. However, if used against a target with very little armor to begin with, the shot may actually end up dealing little to no damage. At its highest roll APCR might deal the same amount of damage as standard AP.

    Essentially, the more armor APCR has to pen the more damage it does. This would hopefully have the effect of instilling a tactical mindset of target vs ammo selection in the player and remove the “gold spaming noob” problem (or at least attempt to fix it).

    The more NECESSARY it becomes to load and use, the more EFFECTIVE it becomes without ever dealing more damage than regular AP. Or in place of less damage it could be less effective at damaging modules and crew.

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      1. That is exactly my point, the choices are not good enough. We all know how a player thinks, see comments above, so it should have been the variations of what the commenters said.
        Either case, I picked the easy way out: remove gold completely.
        Nope, I do not care, and nope, I do not care of anyone’s whatever reaction to that, before someone would get the idea to bug me with it.

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        1. I prefer this option too, its easy to just rebalance normal ammo and remove gold, WG made already prem gift tanks that don’t got any prem ammo, and they do pretty fine. The argument that there are tanks that need prem ammo don’t make any sense since you can just rebalance normal ammo, btw you can’t expect to pen anyone you see in you preferred tank, that is not how balance goes =P

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            1. bt-7 art say hello, tier 5 matchs all the time, with a derp that does 40-100 dmg if you know how to aim a derp, what most ppl don’t know and just make HE bounces, but still with that 37 or something pen HE derp tier 3 in tier 5 matchs it does great, I already played alot in it and it really does not need prem. And anyway I said if they remove gold they can rebalance the tanks in a way that it keeps balanced (balanced is not a medium made for flanking penetrating a assault heavy frontal armor btw =P)


              1. Who says mediums are for flanking? WHY shouldn’t mediums be able to penetrate weakspots of heavy tanks frontally?
                Heavies outtrade mediums thanks to alpha and have more HP, plus their armor bounces much more, it bounces gold ammo aswell, so if medium outbrawls heavy, said heavy tank driver doesn’t know how to play or he’s in bad position.
                Heavy > medium when it comes to brawling, even if medium spams gold.

                Also, if you want to see what will happen to mediums if they won’t be able to penetrate heavies frontally, look at light tanks. Nobody will play them.


                1. Well as far as I know, WG says it, and that was their intended role, but that’s not the case I never said they should not be able to pen weak spots.

                  Weak spots are one thing, but right now with prem ammo most ppl don’t care for these, since they just press 2 and get the chance of punching trough ALMOST any armour. =P

                  And well in a real balance tanks can’t be good in everything or else there is no balance and everyone will want that their fav tanks get good in everything, so it would be better to just let players play one kind of tank then and make the stats equal to everyone. =P

                  All I just said was that prem ammo is not needed, WG can just balance the normal ammo around the values they think it fits with a tank role, scouts don’t have that much pen, 190 is the max pen a normal ammo scout gets, and they do just fine with that in tier 10 matchs since they can flank and spot. Scouts just need some time to learn and newcomers sometimes go to the scouts line without knowing nothing about the game itself, that’s why ppl think scouts are bad, but they are not a bad class, actually they are even a bit OP, and I play alot in scouts, just so you know a scout can carry a 1vs6 match pretty easy depending on the map. =P


                  1. Well people in head of balancing are pretty stupid right now if they said it.

                    About ppl not caring about weakspots, have a look at these, all against Leo1 330mm pen HEAT

                    Didn’t include autoloaders since they should just trade one shot (or wait for tank to fire) for a full clip. And tier 8 and below heavies clearly dominate so no need for gold ammo discussion there.
                    I see 3/4 tanks that have a problem, others are fine armor wise and you HAVE TO aim for a weakspot:
                    -FV has medium like DPM and gun handling, and strong turret, having good armor would be overkill
                    -E100 struggles a bit because of flat turret, nerf gold pen by 10-15mm and it’s much stronger tank
                    -113 is heavy/med hybrid with strong turret, no need for armor there, still can bounce around 40% or shots fired at it’s upper plate
                    -IS-4 struggles the most, again 10-15mm pen less and it’s a strong tank
                    -IS-7 great UFP, great turret, you can hide LFP almost everywhere
                    -Maus still very strong, 10-15mm pen less and it’s almost unpennable frontally
                    -E5 is OP as fuck, those screens don’t really do it justice but it bounces gold fired at cupola and LFP quite often when RNGesus says so
                    -Type 5 is badly designed, 10-15mm pen less and it gets better, and still it has highly angled parts and spaced armor so you need to be careful to not hit those because they are autobounce.

                    Tanks don’t have to be good at everything but they should be able to do everything, just be more or less effective at it. T10 heavy with 300m viewrange would be a joke. LT with T10MM and 100mm of pen would be a joke. T10 medium unable to pen T10HT’s weakspots would be a joke.
                    You cannot force tanks into roles. Today I played a battle on highway with 3 arty in my medium. Should I go field and get rekt by clickers just because that is my role? Or should I have bad penetration, go into the city and do nothing there because my tank cannot perform that role? There is too much unpredictability and RNG in the game to force tanks into roles. Also it would create stale battles. Sad that WG can’t realize this.

                    175mm of pen (which is roughly standard for T8 light) is not enough. You depend on your and enemy team to create opportunities to do something for you. You can’t do anything by yourself if there is no opening to get the into sides, that’s what makes lights bad. You rely on 14 ppl on your team.
                    Also with 190mm of penetration you cannot RELIABLY penetrate back of a Maus, or his sides. Or E100. Slightly angled IS-4’s side? Nope.


                    1. yup, but WG balance department thinks its best to create a entire new game class focused a.k.a. sandbox project, instead of doing easy and simple balance tune ups, but since most of ppl here invested years of they life, and some even money (I am glad I never put a single coin in this game =P) we all will keep playing it until the devs finally get it right, or kill the game =P (and then they got now Orion and WoT 2.0 to make money if this happen =P)

                      probably most of the players have more experience in the game for balancing it than WG staff =P (since they only look at statistics and statistic balancing is always a bad thing).

                      at least aside from the really bad maps in rotation, the game is still enjoyable to play, you know, doing missions and then going off =P


  3. What I like to see if that shell cost increases with every gold shell fired. The first one might still be cheap, but gets more and more expensive.

    As an example:

    This way you still get to shot a gold shell when it is absolutely necessary, but it will limit the spam of people just firing away gold on poor light tanks.

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    1. I never understood why people are complaining about getting penned with premium shells in paper tanks when the normal shell would do the same.

      Note, I don’t endorse premium spamming, but this is a silly argument in my opinion. If god forbid I have to use premium against some targets and I meet a paper tank while I still have a premium loaded I’m going to fire it at the paper tank before I switch back to normal AP, not going to give him 6-15 seconds to escape or put shells into me.

      Also I would rather like to get hit by HEAT in my scouts every time so there is a chance that it will bounce thanks to no normalisation or my tracks are going to eat the shell than hit by AP which would overmatch my tank no matter how much I angle.


  4. Make it as cheap as regular ammo, but make it useful in certain situations, like AW has it. Or remove it altogether and buff guns with subpar pen (since pen is now a soft stat)

    Limiting the amount of golds carried would only solve the problem partially as it still negates the armor advantage some tanks have, whether it’s limited to 5 rounds or 15 rounds.


  5. There is a game about tanks where there is no gold ammo, only different ammo and it’s working great, besides few updates where you had to aim for particular pixel to penetrate, but I think they fixed it. Ofc removing “op” gold = mm +-1 or even +-0, there are tanks based on gold ammo.


  6. Remove it completely and rebalance the game. If they can do it with WOW, they can with WOT. All p2w elements should be removed.


  7. Make them cheaper, decrease the penetration on tanks where it’s stupidly high like T-54, 112, T-34-3, slightly decrease the damage OR limit it to 33%/25% of the full loadout.

    Also they should introduce new shell types like APHE with lower penetration but higher damage like on the SU-100Y.


  8. i voted remove it completely because then they would need to make it a regular ammo type and balance it properly because of that. like heat doing extra damage (critical and health wise) but getting lower pen and actually bounces off angled surfaces (unlike right now where every tier 10 in the game can look at the e100 or maus with the turret angled and just go lol 2 key pen any way…) apcr getting higher pen but doing less critical and health damage. while ap remains the all round ammo type while he keeps the highest damage but lowest pen.


    1. instead of having it like it is now where they view it as ok thats its game breaking and says fuck you to 1 particular class… which is really dumb because the only consequence is cost and if your playing tier 10 as an example why would you fire anything but your not gonna make money 80% of the time anyway and if you own a tier 10 you probably have a couple million to spare and this is why we see t110e5s just driving around the map spamming prem just penning everything in an op tank… having it cost more is not an effective deterrent for getting people to not just load full prem because it increases the effectiveness of a machine id say by 60% at least and all it does is cost money. when youve been playing for years thats not going to be a concern you need to give people a better reason to play the game right.


  9. Implement the nerf from Sandbox, then determine a hardcap value for every tank, depending on these factors:
    -gold dependance (crap gun “ร  la M4 Improved” or railgun: more gold for the very low pen)
    -ammo count (because 25% of the 100-shells rack of a T-28E is enough to shoot nothing but gold in a battle, while a Turan Proto would only get a handful of rounds. Not logical)
    -precence of preferential MM, other factors


  10. well, my vote went to: something else. IMHO they should use the proposal, where prem-ammo gets better penetration compared to AP (in a reasonable range, not like the 50%-gain for the amreican 90mm M3.gun), but damage is decreased in a similar manner. if you take the infamous T-54 for example and his D10T2S: let’s assume the penetration stays the same so he still gets his 330mm HEAT-pen. thats 64% more pen, so the damage of the HEAT goes down to 205. I am VERY sure, the majority of T-54-drivers would be much more reluctant to use HEAT after this.

    this way, prem-ammo would still make sense in certain situations, where you need to do SOME damage at least, but spamming prem-ammo would reduce your DPM or chances in a peek a boo dramatically.

    this is something that WG should at least give a try for one patch. because the normal testserver is IMHO not really good in generating any good numbers for statistics.


  11. Something else > Balance depending on the tank. Also it should be situational(low dmg/high penn or the other way around depending on the round).
    And that is after the general tank rebalance.


  12. Completely change it.

    Make APCR have higher penetration drop off at range, less efficient against sloping, and lower damage. APCR should be a helping hand when you start flanking, not a GG easy mode click and pen frontal armor. It obviously shouldn’t be as limited as IRL, in order to not give the troll angles of Russian tanks a complete advantage.

    HEAT should travel slower. While not currently applicable to derp guns, tierX, post war guns with HEAT shells that travel as fast as AP/APCR is ridiculous.

    Both should do less damage, decreased chance to hit modules (smaller projectile, less spalling inside the tank). On the other hand, APCR should travel further inside the tank, and HEAT should do more module damage.

    Then, you give the option to load all 4 types of shells, unless the tank in question couldn’t use that ammo, or there is a balance issue.

    If you transform gold ammo, and by extension regular ammo into ammo you want to use in specific situations, there won’t a gold ammo spam, because one type of ammo won’t be laughably superior in basically all respects to another.


  13. super balanced is-3 and t110e5/e3 without gold
    what about japs HT when you dont have gold and hight pen TD on your team?


  14. Something else.
    Keeping the high penetration of gold ammo but nerfing its damage. That way tanks with low pen guns can atleast be useful against well protected tanks in desperate situations, albeit with a massive drop in DPM, so people won’t spam it on anything they come across. Since penetration and damage became a balancing factor, that should be achievable.

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  15. I voted for “something else”:
    If your penetration with premium ammo increases by let’s say 50%, your base exp gain for that shot should decrease by 50%, the same percentage.


  16. Something else: 97% of the time you’re using gold for the extra pen… nerf it to half damage… that gives you a real draw back “Yes I can pen this guy with AP & gold with my 75mm… i’ma do the damage of a Matilda though… hmmmm maybe I should use AP”… that would also give those who do not use a lot of gold a legit way to hide from gold other than “Learn to angle/whatever scrub”… you want full damage shots, use standard rounds, you want more pen instead of damage, use Gold rounds… as it stands the only drawback is their price, and that’s not enough…


  17. Well, DMG nerf to APCR seems like fairly logical thing to do, but then there are both standard APCR and premium AP shells.

    I didn’t really give much thought to this one, but … how about not getting any xp from premium shots?


  18. I think what we need to look at is actually APCRs and HEATs rather than “gold” ammo.

    First of all, I will say the gold ammo mechanism itself should be remove. By this I mean keep those ammo exist in the game but not “gold” anymore. I do believe the fact those ammos can buy with gold is one of (if not the biggest) reason for WG never deal with them boldly. So by scrap the “gold” idea itself to the dump is what we need to strat with. Of cause logically say APCRs and HEATs should be more expensive than APs and HEs, but just do that all with credit and no more of that “gold ammo” things please.

    For APCRs
    T10 mediums and some other high tier tanks firing APCR as regular ammo so just leave them alone. Other than them, give APCR a damage nerf. A 25% nerf should do its job. Over penetration penalty doesn’t sounds work to me because that just going to make high tier lights become ridiculous
    against those APCR-firing T10 mediums and eat their shots like candy. For the price issue I think a double of AP should take a balance between economic and winning the game for majority. Combine with the higher cost and DPM reduce togather it should make people choose their ammo wisely.

    For HEATs
    HEATs in real life should not travel that fast, so a velocity nerf is a must, especially to high tier. Also reduce their ability to cause crew or module damage. I am thinking about no more internal damage after the first crew/module hit. Make them not good to snipe but keep their price high to leave them as a last resort in head-on aganist some heavies when you have no choice.


  19. Ohhh wow imagine Gold spamming nobs like OMNI to mention a few Unicum clans. If there was no gold. They would have to learn to aim and their wn8 would drop to sub 1000 wn8. Can imagine the saltiness ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜œ


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