WoWS TAP Q&A VI – Ask your questions

WoWS only. Our translator, Reelyo, will pick the best questions.


-Questions will be asked only in the comments section of this post, no FB or e-mail

-No silly or irrelevant stuff

-No questions that were answered before

-No proposals 😦 (but you can include a proposal in a question if you know how to put it right).

-Keep it brief (no huge texts please).


47 thoughts on “WoWS TAP Q&A VI – Ask your questions

  1. Are there any plans to prevent some islands completely blocking your ship from going forward or reversing if you sail too close to them, notably when your ship is stuck on an underwater rock next to the island ?


    1. Well, I remember being asked smth like that on RU forum.
      If you encountered situation where your ship was “completely blocked” till death or end of battle than you should contact support with screens and replay, if you have one. It’s considered a bug.
      Otherwise if it’s just stopped you but you managed to get afloat afterwards, devs’ answer was that its a design decision, a balance between realistic behavior and fun to play


  2. Are there any other plans for higher tier battleships of other nations (8-10) to get some other special abilities? (Ex: German BBs getting hydro from 8-10)


  3. Is there any chance to get certain camouflage bonuses without using the camo? (Perhaps through a flag or decal). I just like the plain and historical colours of certain ships but I would like to keep the camo benefit.

    I’m a bit confused with all the ARP ships and events. I rarely don’t see any ARP in battle. Couldn’t we just have a Naval Battle Event with the possibility of obtain a historical sister of Kongo or Myoko?


    1. I’m pretty sure about the answer on your first queston. “We do not plan this feature for now”, or at best “This feature would be nice but of low priority” since it actually doesn’t add anything new and of minor ‘necessity’ for several players.
      I think you’ll have more luck if you search for mods which disable camo patterns completely or change for a historical one for particular ship


    1. Well, personally I think nobody would play it. Cause for every player with loads of free time there always be a one with even more free time. How much time do you think you’ll be entertained running around the map trying to catch that last one-shot DD? And if the last one to stay in battle would win?
      Even now it’s a pain on some maps to get from one end to the other on a BB or a cruiser and easily can take 10 min.


  4. 1. Why, when you sold the Arizona, did you only include the special flag in the most expensive bundle? Many people were understandably upset that you made a purely cosmetic item impossible to get without spending seventy dollars, which was well outside their price range.

    2. Are there any plans to include divisions in ranked battles? For a mode that’s so team dependent for success, it’s shocking that you don’t allow players to have an iota of control over the teams they get.

    3. Alternatively, are you planning on making success in ranked less team dependant?

    4. Is there any timetable for when you plan to reintroduce the new co-op mode for testing? My friends and I were excited to play it, and we’re disappointed that it was yanked from the live release of 5.9.

    5. Will there ever be a US reward ship given for completing missions on the NA server? Every single event so far that’s given a reward ship on NA has been Japanese, with only two exceptions: the Emden and the Marblehead. (And the Marblehead was a forum contest). It’s gotten to the point that a Japanese ship (Mikasa) was the reward for the event themed around America’s Independence day. Doesn’t that seem silly? (Also, the Flint doesn’t count since so few people will ever actually be able to get her).

    6. Are you currently happy with the performance of high tier US cruisers?


  5. Will they implement or are there plans for a pan-European Tech Tree so as to include certain navy’s like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria-Hungary, etc. That wouldn’t normally have a full tech tree on their own?

    Same could be for the Pan-Asia but with Asian countries and can include Australia if need be.


    1. Also will they implement those IJN ships that got rearmed after being given to other nations after WW2. Like the Yukikaze/Tan Yang and Hibiki/ Verniy?


  6. When can we expect the French tree and should we expect DDs as the first branch?
    Could the French build a BB branch up to T10? (Without what-ifs and mashups of different projects like the Kurfurst, Roon and Hindenburg)

    What will be the special features of the RN cruiser branch? Will there be high tier light cruisers?

    What tier would be most fitting for a Deutschland-class panzerschiff?

    Are there plans for ARP Yamato and Musashi? As separate ships or maybe permanent camouflage?

    Will there be permanent camo for T10 ships? What new customisation options can we expect?

    When can we expect unified gold? IIRC you said it can’t be implemented due to “technical limitations”, however WoWP has had unified economy from the very release.

    When will Armory/Depot be implemented? Some module upgrades for high tier ships are ridiculously credit-expensive (even if the upgrade is, for example, a few AA guns) and it wouldn’t hurt if we could sell old modules.

    Is there any cooperation between WG’s dev teams? For example, you guys could possibly help WoT devs implement the multi-turret mechanism.

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  7. Is there any progress about bow waves and more detailed waves around the ships as well as breaker waves around shorelines?

    What’s your view on destroyed ships? I would like to see more smoke and flames and perhaps some oil or diesel leaks around the sinking wreck. Have you considered something similar?

    Will the captain ever be the only crewmember or do you plan a similar approach like WoT or NF?

    Could you imagine to implement a tech tree with mixed classes if you come across a few gaps? For example. From tier1: 3DDs–>1CL–>3CAs–>2BBs–>1CV

    Have you guys visited the HMS Belfast in London? If yes what do think of her being implemented in the game?

    What are your top 5 ships you would like to see in the future of the game?


  8. will WG add a “soft” client for those prople (like me) that could play the beta, and now we cant play due to the change of HW requirements?


  9. 1) Are you satisfied with the current ballistics of the us 127mm DP guns? Aren’t they too punitive, especially that horrible float at long range?

    And why does the Blyskawica’s guns have MUCH better ballistics and fire chances than the US guns, while they are of a smaller caliber (thus lighter shells)? Might we hope o buff of the US or fear an indirect nerf of the Blys (aka the “post-CBT US DDs” syndrome)?

    2) What made you decide to give the Yubari a longer gun reload (6.5s) than the Tenryu, Kuma and Iwaki (6s), while it mounts the exact same model of guns. The question also applies to the Katori (7s).

    3) For WG’s18th Birthday, whe got a tank and a plane as gifts but sadly no ship this time. Were you lacking candidates? :(

    4) The Japanese BBS have an insane base range and the US ones can mount the Main Battery Plotting Room.
    The Warspite obviously does not get such an option for balance reason, but isn’t it a bit lagging behind in ranged engagements, especially since it is sluggish?

    5) Is the Ishizuchi’s range vs concealment still a problem or does the ROF buff now made it balanced enough stat-wise? What are the premiums you are currently dissatisfied with and why?


    1. 6) Which mechanics have you considered to make the pre-dreadnoughts competitive but balanced?

      Did something like this one shown negative results?
      =>The two largest calibers on the ships are considered as main guns, anything else is secondaries. The second largest caliber is able to shoot at the same range as the largest, but with the same poor accuracy as a balance factor.


    2. The USN 127mm/38 Mk 12 DP is a relatively short-barreled weapon with a muzzle velocity of 792m/s, which is quite slow and thus high-arc, while the 120mm/50 M34/36 from the Blyskawica is a gun with 900m/s muzzle velocity, hence much flatter arcs.
      It’s not really a developer’s choice, it’s more what the historical data was.


  10. When will you buff the Atlanta, as promised? Radar is not a buff. The ship is still as shitty as before. We can`t hit anything with that shell travel speed.


  11. Would there be Boss fights in Co-Op battles? Sort of like RPG-like boss fights where a group of players would go up against buffed enemy ships. E.G. a group of tier 10 players against a Boss Fleet named Task Force 34 consisting of buffed Iowas and standard New Orleans and Bensons.


  12. What was the reasoning in choosing the RN cruisers before BBs for the first line of RN released? And will we see HMS Belfast or Caroline as prem. cruisers any time soon?

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  13. 1. Are there plans for a Pensacola rebalance/detection range reduction of any kind? Pensacola is widely regarded as underperforming and hamstrung because of the detection range being so high.
    I’m talking about something like this:

    2. How come Dunkerque was placed at T6? Does that mean that Strasbourg with better speed, armour and AA (plus better gun stats) will get to T7? Most people with naval knowledge expected Dunkerque and Strasbourg to be T7, because of the historically very powerful guns.

    3. Was the idea of giving all T8 CA’s repair and CL’s smoke examined or brought up at any point? It would probably bump up the usefulness of T8 CA’ a lot, since they get matched against T10 ships a lot.


  14. 1)-We know you think some aesthetical stuffs are “low priority” in the game development, but at some point, the community really apreciate the effort to bring us ships that are well represented from the real life counterparts. In one specific side, and in relation with that: have you considered at least fix the IJN Kongou in game be taking away her current look (be her sister Hiei and not the leader ship itself) and work to make it not only look like she really is, but change the little diference on the number of secondaries and AA (keeping in mind the year of the hull, 1942, just like Hiei to not make it “unbalanced” or “underperforming” or the contrary) and reserve the “Hiei” as a future Tier V IJN Premium BB, furthermore, in a later future, work over the rest of her sister ships to follow the aesthetical side in the same way like you did with Nagato, Amagi, Furutaka and Hipper some time ago?

    2)-Following the way of the above text (the sister ships and future premium ships part), some time ago you say there will be a few premium ships that will be taking into account to add in the game as “sister ships” of certain classes. In the IJN side: there is some work over a BB, CA or DD from Tier IV to Tier VIII in this moment that qualify in that category to be picked and if we will be able to see at least one of those ships this year or in the early 2017 and which class you believe is the most likely to come?


  15. If USN gets CL line, does devs considering to introduce CL line for IJN and other countries as well as a counter part?


  16. In the overhead view of the map, the one you see immediately after pressing “M”, are you going to make it at least an option to see the names of ships? It would be much more convenient for CV drivers, as they wouldn’t have to zoom at all in to see which ships to target and which to avoid.

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  17. 1. When are we going to get floatplane launchers on gun turrets (e.g. USS Texas)?
    2. What are the plans to buff Atlanta? When will it happen?
    3. What is the status on PvE Missions?
    4. Are you going to plan a “new” reward mission like Kamikaze R?
    5. Are we going to buy a low Tier german premieum cruiser (Tier 5-6) in the near future?
    6. Do you have any plans on introducing japanese CLs?
    7. Do you have any plans on releasing Nevada, Pennsylvania (BB-38) and Tennessee class BBs?


  18. When will WG bring extra Techtrees for Light and Heavy Cruiser and so on?

    I remember that WG said “no regulary Battleship becomes Torpedos”, but Gneisenau have some, must we now aware that Gold Ammo comes to WoWs?


  19. Seeing as Diana is a reskinned Aurora and Emden a reskinned Dresden, will regular low tier ships like Novik, Bogatyr and Derzki receive their historical camouflage schemes?


  20. 1)Why is chikumas secondaries range much farther than any other tier two? Will chikuma be needed or the rest buffed?
    2)will Dresdens and Emden’s secondaries actually be made workable?


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