Cruiser Corner #1

Our reader, GrimmaceNA is back with a new series of historical articles!

Greetings everyone, it’s been a while since I posted on here. I decided since I am stuck at work most of my life now, I started to take one of my books with me. I will be calling these posts Cruiser Corner, as the book I have is “American Cruisers of World War Two” by Steve Ewing.

In these Cruiser Corner articles, depending on the history of the ships, some will be short and some will be long posts. I will also be posting about other ships as well that could be in WOWS. Look for a post about an alternate tier 7 German Battleship.
A while back Seb had posted a leak with pictures of Cincinnati (CL-6) (Seb: I cannot find the article guys, sorry). Here is a little history on her.
Cincinnati (CL-6) was laid down in May 1920 and was commissioned January 1924. She sailed the Pacific and Atlantic in the 1920’s and 30’s.
Cincinnati was assigned to the Neutrality Patrols in the early part of the war and continued doing Patrols and convoy escorts after December 7. She also searched for blockade runners and her claim to fame is the successful interception of the SS Anneliese Essberger. She patrolled the Mediterranean during the invasion of southern France and finished the war doing some training cruises. She earned 1 battle star.

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