Hoax: G.W. E100 Replacement

There are some rumors on several sites saying that the G.W. E100 SPG will be replaced after the artillery rework.  The „replacement” would be armed with a 305 mm or 420 mm mortar.

However, secure sources tell that it’s a hoax. Don’t expect this to appear in-game folks.

Pictures of the fake:


11 thoughts on “Hoax: G.W. E100 Replacement

  1. Earliest apperance of these pictures I could find was over 4 years ago…
    Also I highly doubt they will ever replace the GW E-100 because it’s got remodelled into HD already and it would be a waste of time and money just to throw the away.

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  2. The first thing that came to my mind was the Chinese server and Kongzhong’s fakes.

    This design disallows direct combat completely, by the way, not really good.

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  3. i think the version i heard of was going to be a modified gw tiger with a 200 and something mm gun or a 305mm not sure what that other thing is but good to know this isnt happening the t92 is ridiculous enough… (if the rumour of the 13 inch gun armed japanese arty i heard about as the potential japanese tier 10 arty turned out to be true especially with the way arty is currently i would probably just stop playing the game)


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