“Birth of the Titans” CW event + KV-4 Kreslavsky + wallpaper

A new event on the Global Map will start soon, called “Birth of the Titans”. The winners will be able to choose one unique tier VIII premium tank of their choices, between :

Chieftain/T95 (HD renderspictures)

KV-4 Kreslavsky (stats & pictures – video & pictures)

IS-5 (Object 730) (wiki page)

Plus, there is even a wallpaper for this event (with of course calendar and non-calendar versions, which will be updated to non-Cyrillic versions when they would appear) :)


31 thoughts on ““Birth of the Titans” CW event + KV-4 Kreslavsky + wallpaper

    1. So what exactly is stopping you from joining a clan lmao. I’ve gotten every CW tank in a yellow/green clan that’s barely in the top 1500 clans of EU.

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      1. Maybe those:
        -Not being able to fully participate because of job/wife/kids/others
        -Not enjoying Tier 10 gameplay, so certainly not enjoying it with a 100% goldspam
        -Not interresed. End.

        Spending a lot of time in something I don’t enjoy at all to get some pixels I want. Nope.


        1. Mini campaigns were always T8. So clan members should not get any rewards for doing good, just because of some clanless guys get salty?


          1. Never said that. They should get reward. But making this reward exclusive is a waste.

            They could give it for free to the winners (with some cool distinctive camo or something) and sell it to the others after. Win-win.

            PS: “some clanless guys”? A bit reductive. 1% will get it, 1% are salty and 98% are neutral?


  1. Oh, so now they are teasing the non-clan players with tanks they will never get, neat.
    Naaah, it’s not like I did want any of those, nooo, not at all…

    *silently fumes away*

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            1. last missions, specially the ones at HT, bounce 3x your hp and the HT15 , since the begining people asked friends/clan members to help them when they were at the enemy team.

              td-15 is almost impossible with the actual maps if you dont force it with your friends at late hours and they let you shoot at them , plus they tell you where the team is so you can blindshoot them.

              lt-15 is possible, but only 2 maps where you can do it…. a lot of people force it the same way as TD-15

              the previous mision that asked about 2x fires with MT to tanks 1+ tier than you… aimbot to the engine or fuel, there was a specific aimbot for that mission the same month they added the missions.

              i’ve been stuck on that one ( the 2x fires) for more than 8 months. and 2 weeks before they changed it, i finally made it

              we have 2/5 number 15 missions that are almost impossible to do without help, 1/5 number 15 that is hard due to the lack of maps for spotting, and 2 non-15 that are are almost impossible without help or cheating.

              so yes, most of the people that have the 260 cheated to get it maybe just once, but they did it.

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              1. thanks for the explanation, never made to these to discover they were impossible.

                anyway at least since it looks there are pretty few ppl with those, maybe its more hard to cheat in the mission set from the pub matchs, than it was to cheat in the mission set from the cheaters mode.


                1. at 3-4-5AM its easy to force and fake thos missions with 10 clan members going battle at the same time….

                  but at t-22 cheat mode it was easy to end up with ONLY clan members at that battle, it was too easy to fake that


          1. I agree with you, but I was more thinking along the lines of ‘buying them for a hundred Euros’ or something. You know the drill, 30k gold with a ‘gift’ tank, like the BT-SV or the Pz. II J.

            Either case, this clan-wars only is bullshit on multiple levels, eh!

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            1. yup…

              that should be 1 option, they should add some chance for non-cw players to get it at randoms/ other events…

              like the football/chaffee/8 bits mode … but harder and some of those tanks as price.

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      1. As already with the last campaign, only the personal fame points will count towards getting the reward, so you pretty much just have to play a lot even if you’re not in a top clan.


        1. and how do you get points? palying inside the map and doing missions… who is going to monopolize the map, as they are already doing in normal CW? the top 20 clans….

          there you have it, 100% diplomacy, 0% wars.


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