EU: August Events


16 thoughts on “EU: August Events

  1. Five Rare Tenks.. E25, KV-5, Type 59, Panzer II J., BT-SV – all of em in a 18€-Bundle and WG could acquire some new Player… xD


  2. Figure JG88, E25, TOG, T14, Ram II.
    Outside chance for FCM36PAK40.

    I would imagine that if WG is planning to reintroduce the Type 59, even for a short time, they will re-join the stock market prior to that, and then announce Type sale 1 week before quarterly reports are due.


  3. There are actually many “Rare” tanks out there. 112, JT88, M10Panther, Pz IV S, T14, Ram2, Mutz, M46KR, Rhm skorpion, US Scorpion, Type 59(i highly doubt they will sell this one tho) and a shit load of other low tiers i cant remember.


  4. Let me see, 5 rare tanks. Not those tanks that appear 5 times or more every year (kv220, Kv5, Bt Sv or Pz 2j, you know what I mean. You will find they will sell 1 rare tank every week for 5 weeks. Hopefully the E25 will make an appearance as I just missed out on it and could buy it should it be for sale.

    Looks promising, remember saying something like that before and it didn’t really pan out that way but hey! Surprise me.


            1. Yeah, but buffing a paper armor TD is easy. Plus, it did get the fancy paintjob just recently, so it’s very likely it’s the mystery TD.


  5. Rare tanks? The JT 88, BT-SV, Pz II, KV-220-2, even the Type 59 etc. are not rare tanks. Except for the type (which has been nerfed to the ground a long time ago) they are available several times each year. And many players have the tanks including myself.
    Instead give us the chance to buy something genuinely rare like the mutant M6E2A1, the M4A2E4, the A-32 and so on instead. But that will not happen ofc. Instead the same boring offers appear again and again.

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