Claim Summer Play Rewards

(for the ones who did the “Earning Tickets with Friends” mission last month)

How Do I Earn Free Stuff This Summer?

  • Gather a friend or two and log into World of Tanks
  • Form a Platoon (an in-game organized team of two or three friends)
  • Complete the “Earning Tickets with Friends” mission every day until July 31st
  • Completions will earn you valuable event tickets
  • Repeat each day to maximize your ticket earning
  • Come back between August 2-14, when you can redeem tickets for your choice of loot including Premium vehicles, Personal Reserves, Garage slots, and other awesome prizes.
  • Quit reading and start battling!
5 Tickets 10 Tickets 15 Tickets 20 Tickets
Select One

  • Large First Aid Kits (x5)
  • Large Repair Kits (x5)
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishers (x5)
Select One

  • 1hr 100% XP Booster (x3)
  • 1hr 200% Crew XP Booster (x3)
  • 1hr 50% Credits Booster (x3)
Select One

  • Coated Optics (x2)
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (x2)
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk.1 (x2)
Select One

  • Garage Slots (x5)
  • T14
  • Matilda IV
  • Excelsior