Claim Summer Play Rewards

(for the ones who did the “Earning Tickets with Friends” mission last month)

How Do I Earn Free Stuff This Summer?

  • Gather a friend or two and log into World of Tanks
  • Form a Platoon (an in-game organized team of two or three friends)
  • Complete the “Earning Tickets with Friends” mission every day until July 31st
  • Completions will earn you valuable event tickets
  • Repeat each day to maximize your ticket earning
  • Come back between August 2-14, when you can redeem tickets for your choice of loot including Premium vehicles, Personal Reserves, Garage slots, and other awesome prizes.
  • Quit reading and start battling!
5 Tickets 10 Tickets 15 Tickets 20 Tickets
Select One

  • Large First Aid Kits (x5)
  • Large Repair Kits (x5)
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishers (x5)
Select One

  • 1hr 100% XP Booster (x3)
  • 1hr 200% Crew XP Booster (x3)
  • 1hr 50% Credits Booster (x3)
Select One

  • Coated Optics (x2)
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (x2)
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk.1 (x2)
Select One

  • Garage Slots (x5)
  • T14
  • Matilda IV
  • Excelsior


2 thoughts on “Claim Summer Play Rewards

    1. yet alot of ppl complained in forums and said the event rewards where pretty bad, but 1.500.000 creds + 1500 gold + 1 garage slot, just for playing the game everyday what we already do, is a pretty good reward (my calculation is based in the price of the equips plus getting a tank you already got what earned you the gold value and the garage slot).

      and the event of august is even better, free excelsior and free tier 6 prem tank gosh the only event that is better than this is that one NA did where you just needed to log in every day to get alot of free prem tanks =P


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