WoWS: New AP Normalization

Translated by Urakaze


*Again, it’s from the Chinese source so please take this with a grain of salt in mind*

Standardizing AP normalization
In 0.5.10, all ships equipped with AP shells will no longer have normalization values based on the actual (or historical) performance of a single type of AP shell, instead, the new normalization values are determined by the caliber of the gun.
*This also affects secondary guns that shoot AP

Rules are as the following:
≤ 130mm AP shells have normalization of 10°
131mm – 152mm AP shells have normalization of 8.5°
153mm – 220mm AP shells have normalization of 7°
≥ 221mm AP shells have normalization of 6°

This change affects the following ships:

-Mogami , Yamato (secondary guns), 155mm AP from 8.6° to 7°
-Furutaka, 200mm AP from 8.2° to 7°
-Furutaka, Aoba, Myoko, Mogami, Atago, Ibuki, Zao, 203mm AP from 8.2° to 7°
-Scharnhorst, Nassau , 283mm AP from 8° to 6°
-König Albert, Kaiser, König, Kawachi, Ishizuchi, 305mm AP from 8° to 6°
-New Mexico (Upgraded), 356mm AP from 7.9° to 6°
-North Carolina, Iowa, Montana, 406mm AP from 6.8° to 6°

Excluding the above mentioned ships, this change will increase the normalization of all the ships in-game by 6% to 56%

Tier 1 ship changes
In 0.5.10, the four tier 1 ships will be changed as the following:
– HP will be halved
– AP shells removed
– HE shell will do 50% of its current damage
– Special MM, only sees tier 1s
– New fire control upgrade, increases main battery range by 10%
– 20% fire prevention (about the same as a fully upgraded tier 5)
(TN: WG is slapping the seal clubbers hard)