WoWS: New AP Normalization

Translated by Urakaze


*Again, it’s from the Chinese source so please take this with a grain of salt in mind*

Standardizing AP normalization
In 0.5.10, all ships equipped with AP shells will no longer have normalization values based on the actual (or historical) performance of a single type of AP shell, instead, the new normalization values are determined by the caliber of the gun.
*This also affects secondary guns that shoot AP

Rules are as the following:
≤ 130mm AP shells have normalization of 10°
131mm – 152mm AP shells have normalization of 8.5°
153mm – 220mm AP shells have normalization of 7°
≥ 221mm AP shells have normalization of 6°

This change affects the following ships:

-Mogami , Yamato (secondary guns), 155mm AP from 8.6° to 7°
-Furutaka, 200mm AP from 8.2° to 7°
-Furutaka, Aoba, Myoko, Mogami, Atago, Ibuki, Zao, 203mm AP from 8.2° to 7°
-Scharnhorst, Nassau , 283mm AP from 8° to 6°
-König Albert, Kaiser, König, Kawachi, Ishizuchi, 305mm AP from 8° to 6°
-New Mexico (Upgraded), 356mm AP from 7.9° to 6°
-North Carolina, Iowa, Montana, 406mm AP from 6.8° to 6°

Excluding the above mentioned ships, this change will increase the normalization of all the ships in-game by 6% to 56%

Tier 1 ship changes
In 0.5.10, the four tier 1 ships will be changed as the following:
– HP will be halved
– AP shells removed
– HE shell will do 50% of its current damage
– Special MM, only sees tier 1s
– New fire control upgrade, increases main battery range by 10%
– 20% fire prevention (about the same as a fully upgraded tier 5)
(TN: WG is slapping the seal clubbers hard)


17 thoughts on “WoWS: New AP Normalization

    1. Most of the time the source is completely correct at leaks, but we still need to remind people to be cautious. You know , just so that we dont get the blame for not warning in the first place if it gets anything wrong in the future.

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  1. Does this mean USN cruiser AP will be nerfed as well? Since all shells would now follow the standard normalisation values.


        1. Actually, it would be a massive buff for Des Moines and Baltimore. Mark 21 8 inch guns have normalization of 4.4 as of now, but will be 7 if the caliber rule does come true.


  2. Oh look.. Premium ships that “don’t get nerfed” but will perform worse.. (if you remember the Sims… Now the Ishizuchi because its penetration is currently OP)

    Does the anto-sealclub measures means Tier 2 will meet Tier 3 more often? :/ Not that I particularly want to fight Tier 1 with them, but I don’t really enjoy meeting St Louis in most of the battles, while Tier 2 in itself is relaxing…


  3. Fucking great, what will even be the point of having tier 2 premiums if they’re going to be bottom-tier every game? My Albany and Emden already spend enough time being target practice for St. Louises, and now they’ll never even be able to be top tier?


  4. think about the poor mikasa. that thing basically lives to see tier 1 and 2 ships – there was that chart, that said it would only meet tier 1-2, but it still meets tier 3 as well. anyway tier 3 eats mikasa for breakfast. looks like most premium ships up to tier 6 get screwed in this change – feels like bull…


  5. Meanwhile my Warspite shoots a Kirov cruiser at 4km and 5 of my AP shells bounce because its made of the same stalinium as the IS-3.


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