WoWS: 0.5.9 Matchmaking Chart (Updated)

This is the updated official version of the chart from the EU forums.


5 thoughts on “WoWS: 0.5.9 Matchmaking Chart (Updated)

    1. So they should also see tier 11?

      It’s battle tier, as stated on the chart. Battle tier 10 = top tier ship is tier 10, tier 9 and 8 included (that’s how it works in WoT anyway, not sure if there are T10+9 only battles in WoWS).
      Battle tier 5 = tier 5 ship is top tier, tier 4 ships included.

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      1. I find it confusing as well. Why not just show what other tiers you can play with when you play a certain tier? Any graph that is not immediately clear, does not serve its purpose well.


        1. I dunno, I find it quite straightforward. Basically, MM picks a battletier and then fits ships that can play this battle tier into it.
          You just have to look at the chart vertically as well. Let’s say, I have a tier 5 destroyed. I look at the chart horizontally, I see that I can get into battle tiers 5/6/7. In Battle tier 5 I can meet all T4 and T5 ships. In battle tier 6 I can meet all T5 and T6 ships. In battle tier 7 I can meet all T6 and T7 ships and all T5’s except carriers.

          And this is even more simple than WoT MM, back in the day there was battle tier 12 (which they should reintroduce but they are retarded so they won’t, or they want to make T8 grinds tougher and shitlords in T10 enjoy shooting T8’s), if you play tier 8 light tank, you should be everytime with tier 9 but occasionally you can be in T8 and less battle etc.


        2. It´s absolutely not confusing.
          You want to know which Tiers u can see in Tier 10?
          Follow the column Tier 10 downwards and you find Tier VIII, Tier IX and Tier X.

          For Tier 7 same thing, follow the column downwards and u have Tier V Cruisers, BB´s, DD´s but no CV´s, Tier VI and Tier VII.

          U have to understand how to read this chart.


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