Rheinmetall Skorpion G Armor, Pictures and Icon

Credits to our friends from rykoszet.info.

Rhm. Skorpion Stats (old)

The Polish Insider tells:

It is very likely that this tank will be available on the same principle as was the case with Mutz, or the Korean Patton with a special camouflage – but everything depends on the marketing department. According to the Insider, the vehicle itself combines a long reload time and mobility similar to Panther 8.8.

The tank is just a normal Rheinmetall Skorpion with a new camouflage though. Well, at least it’s some sort of Dunkelgelb, finally!


27 thoughts on “Rheinmetall Skorpion G Armor, Pictures and Icon

  1. I hope they won’t release it with the old stats, because WG stated themselves its stats were considered underpowered … but hey I guess with adding a Scorpion painting they think its buffed enough :)

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  2. It looks annoyingly cool and i kinda want one now but i dont think i can justify buying it unless its amazing. they really shouldve put the kanpz at tier 7 the original unbuffed stats were perfect for tier 7 other than health but they shoe horned it in to tier 8 anyway when they still hadnt released this thing. kind of a shitty balancing decision honestly.


  3. I mean, I’m glad this thing looks like it’s finally going to go on sale, but… I can’t say I like where it went. I like the camo scheme for it, but I really don’t like those scorpions on the turret/hull roof. They look way out of place IMO.

    Guess I’ll have to make a skin mod to remove those, then ;)

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  4. I take it the normal one first tested a year ago won’t ever appear as a 88 replacement as they first wanted or ever for gold in the tech tree. Tho this don’t look to bad, have the stats changed since it’s last appearance? Or is it still as crap with -2 gun depression and no mobility and only has camo and speed to his name still?


    1. Same here. Or almost the same; I will buy the T-15 (in discount) to my second account — only german tanks allowed there.


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