Milkym4n has returned

I’m glad everything turned out fine. A good day for us tankers! Hope everyone enjoys their vacation 🙂

His statement:

„2 weeks ago I closed down my old blog and deleted all my content from Github. It wasn’t really all the time modding consumed, instead it was a rather small, entitled and toxic group of mod consumers that thought they owned everything I released.

After people started asking what had happened I released a statement here and linked it on reddit and the official forums which was met with an overwhelming amount of support and acceptance. I even got some e-mails from various followers through a contact form I forgot to take off the blog where my initial statement is. All those kind messages I received over the first some days started to change my view and I thank everyone that posted a comment or messaged me. Some days later I was contacted by goodman12, a fellow remodel creator and someone I look up to, offering me to work together and create astonishing new models with both our skill and knowledge to which I agreed. All this meant going a new direction of remodels, one that cooperates and shares the workload and as a first step we will be soon releasing a modular T110E5 remodel package with different turret and hull choices for you guys and after that start working on a huge but secret project. In the meantime check out the amazing work goodman12 does on the RU remodel thread and maybe send him a thank you.

Going forward every shitpost like “E 50M next pls” or “Why no STB-1? :'(“ will be deleted immediately and the poster possibly banned after repeat offenses. This is a drastic measure but needed if I want to continue this while keeping my sanity. I’m also thinking of putting up a Patreon/PayPal link to finance this blog as it is hosted privately and not through a free WordPress site. Some gratuity is also very appreciated of course but not required.”