Pictures from Parola Tank Museum

Taken by Redditor freedomakkupati


5 thoughts on “Pictures from Parola Tank Museum

  1. Certainly looks interesting.
    I’d try to get a few pictures from around here, but there’s only M4A2 76s, Centurions (3 and 5/2), a Leopard 1, a few M113s, two M109A2s, lots of AVGPs, a T-72, BRDM-2, and ASU-57
    Lot of interesting guns in the museum though.


  2. Dat Finnish captured T-34 on picture 9, noice! Or is it Finnish? Looks like that to me…
    Yeah, there are other captured vehicles, this is Finnish alright.

    *realizes it’s in Finland*

    Well, nice album, though seeing these tanks in person would be the best thing.
    Dat T-50 @pic 60 though. :D

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  3. Great pictures, I’ve been there quite a few times, still feels like first time every time I visit it. My personal favourite is a armored car found between section I and II, which is hollow and accessible when crawled under it :D

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    1. It’s in the picture number 84, between a Patria APC (?) and a Furret painted white. Though there’s nothing inside, but you can check the viewports from the inside and get a first person view of how small they exactly are.


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