WoWS: 0.5.9 New Flags

Thanks to Coop from WoWS global fanbase FB group! He also wrote some description for the flags:

I took a look at the flag file for 5.9, new additions to it, new flags being added to the game.



^Republic of China flag, which given the Anshan and Lo Yang already have their own flags, it must be for another pan asian premium. I would bet money on it being the HMS Aurora which was sold the China and renamed the “Chung King” which WG mentioned was a premium ship they were working on a while back.

Amongst the signal flag section of the file there is a new one with a clearly pan-asian flavour to it:


Other flags:






17 thoughts on “WoWS: 0.5.9 New Flags

  1. As long as the flags provide no ingame benefit, I have no interest.
    Soon there will be so many different types of bragging flags, most of the players won’t know what they are or mean anyway then, so they’ll loose their bragging “value” too
    The only meaningful flags are those who provide a benefit to the ship or captain.

    my 2 cents


    1. I don’t recognice it either.
      It seems to me, to be some sort of mix of different coat of arms.
      Top part seems sort of “Swedish mural crown, used by cities”.
      Otherwise it looks as coat.
      The laurel wreath seems similar to ‘s coat.
      Some Swedish ships seemed to have their own coat of arms “herald shields”
      for example.

      I do wish for a small Swedish tech tree in WoWs.

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      1. It’s like you said most if not all had a Coat of arms as “flag per ship”.
        and a couple of hours trying to find
        and as of yet to find anything similar to it. it just makes me more curious to know why it’s in the game and where it comes from.

        Yeah i want it too, if not a tree atleast put in 1 ship like the blyskawica.
        We may not have the biggest navy, but we are still a navy nation!

        and as i like to keep bringin up! plox tree kronor class cruiser o/

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            1. Sweden could have a full Destroyer tree.
              And maybe even Cruiser, if using some blueprint ships.
              There’s always hope, right?


              1. Destroyer tree is a guaranted possibility, the swedish navy had enough for tier 1-10. There are even some Battleship blueprints (but would suggest combining nations for this), and some cruisers. (do not know how many cruiser that exists in blueprint but i think there are more then one would realise).
                There is even Carrier blueprints, which is interessting.
                I would like to see Coastal defense ships aswell :), All hail the Sverige class! \o/

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                  There, Cruiser and Destroyer line.
                  Altho, maybe a bit optimistic having Sverige class as tier 8 and 9?
                  I think I have even seen 2 carrier blueprints, 2nd with 2 turrets with 2 guns each on flight deck!
                  But those guns useless in close combat.

                  My guess for tech tree after UK and Germany:
                  Either South America or Sweden “or Sweden combined with something”

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                  1. Yeah tier 8-9 for a Sverige class is kinda optimistic haha, i would put it at tier 5 max.
                    I think if they will ever put these Ships in it’s gonna be Germany,Uk ,France and Italy. Then after those we will just have to hope!

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