Milkym4n is gone

The popular mod maker, Milkym4n, deleted his blog, forum posts and also his github content. I waited a day to see if he would return back, but I don’t see it as the case.

However, he made a statement:


„The sudden deletion of my blog and github repositories was a cause of concern for many and I want to tell you why everything is gone.

I’ve been modding World of Tanks for half a year or so. I’ve created around 60 skins and remodels which I believe is an amount no other skin creator for WoT has every achieved. My goal was to update some of the older SD models and make them look less like ass… octagonal barrels and whatnot… ugh…

Over time I’ve gathered quite a follower base with 200-500 daily visitors on my blog. There were also other channels where I published my content to, like the World of Tanks subreddit or the World of Tanks EU and NA official forums. All this along with designing the models, maintaining the repositories, creating preview images, posting on the blog/forums and moderating said blog ate up a rather big part of my daily life which I could have used for more important things. I do work as a photographer/videographer for hire and in my “free” time I’m usually processing images and videos but since I started doing remodels, less and less of that time was used for processing images and video. Instead I was tinkering with 3D models for a game that I used to enjoy a lot. This tinkering lead to a reduced amount of work done which effectively lead to a negative hit in my earnings. I’ve had people suggest me to put up my PayPal or create a Patreon page but I didn’t want to ask for money for the remodels I released publicly. It just didn’t feel right.

Of couse with all the publicity you also attract all kinds of people. People that are grateful for the work I did and others that thought I’m just a robot that spits out remodel after remodel. People asking for remodel A, remodel B and for ETAs all the time got really tiring. I was deleting spam comments like those on a daily basis on my blog

This is why I decided to shut down everything, delete all content and focus on more important things in life. It was fun while it lasted.

For anyone that still has my remodels on their PC I kindly ask you not to share them publicly. What is dead shall remain dead.

With this said I wish you all farewell.”


I, Seb, would advise you to upload what you have on download sites and post the links in the comments. The mods must be saved until they get outdated. Don’t let this die.

Addendum: No, my position will not change, but it’s only temporary (for the next 2 patches).

UPDATE: Everything is solved now, no need to try saving what’s left. All the mods will be taken care of by another modder, goodman12. Details coming soon.



77 thoughts on “Milkym4n is gone

  1. Well, while I understand the sentiment of preserving his work since I love his M 41 90 GF remodel, I believe you should respect Milk’s request and do as he asks. As for me, I’ll just keep the remodels I like and modify them to work with new versions in the future.

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      1. Yeah I hope everyone keeps them and we can start a new Page continuing his work. After he calms down and stops acting like a brat, maybe he will realize this is a rash and plain stupid move. What in the world does it gain? Besides negative attention.

        Just for his own sake hes letting anger kill ALL THE 1000`s of hours he put into this game…Stupid.

        TBH WG should hire him and other skinners. They do 5x better job than WG who outsourves he work and they do it in days not months.

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        1. The single fundamental right that every modder has under any cicumstances is to decide if he shares his work with the public or not.

          Not adressing the business part of my decision but I’ve seen the spoilt-little-brat side of the community who think they’re entitled to everything and decided to pull the plug.

          Are people entitled to the work I’ve done? No they’re not. It was a personal project for getting into 3D modelling that I decided to share with others and since the sharing with the public part has become a negative experience for me I decided to stop. Wanting the models still out there is somewhat of a selfish thing that doesn’t respect the modder’s decision imho.

          I’m quoting a good friend of mine on why I wiped everything:

          “One reason is reputation: Like it or not you put out your name and reputation by putting something like this out on the internet. If someone finds skins/mods/models in a few month they might not be compatible with the game anymore or might cause problems. And then your average tomato will not see that it is an old skin but blame the guy that made it, because it must be his fault, right? And given the tools everyone has at their disposal they can get that opinion out there quite easily, which might hurt your reputation.”

          Contrary to popular belief here I am not asking everyone to delete the files they still have. I am asking to not share those files anymore. What you do with them in private isn’t my concern.

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          1. Unfortunately there are many people out there who think “everything” comes for free and out of “nothing”
            Yet life is not a “Socialist Kindergarten”

            Well said (written) and I fully understand your decision. Thanks for your contribution so far and good luck for your future work!


    1. So on the one hand you say to delete his work, but on the other your going to keep his and “Mod” it so it becomes yours?

      Come on this is BS. Your talking double standards.

      And shame on him for acting like a small child who didnt get his way and so he destroys everything for none to enjoy.

      If he wants to quit, fine do so, but dont ask ithers to get rid of there fav mods.

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  2. I get he felt taken advantage of, but deleting all his content and then asking others to delete it all is just childish.

    Like a little kid throwing a tantrum. WTF would anyone throw away a set of skins much better than WG`s? Its his decsion to leave and not update things but if someone wanted to pick up where he left he surely screwed them over.

    Dick move. I wonder why he really is so butthurt, Im sure this was a personal issue.

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      1. The true pros who are respected and loved ALWAYS leave there unfinished work for others to continue.

        Locastan could have screwed us all bad. And half the modders from Sourceforge left there stuff.
        Or the guys who started the FPS packs with fog taken out and glare etc. All these famous projects like Meltys, and the uber famous modular DMG panel that 90% are based off of, or WN8 calc were all partially completed and then taken over and updated by a team who missed and loves the authors….He should do the same

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        1. Unfortunately there is many selfish modders who don’t want to share their work.

          Milkyman is a good example. You saw his work shared in any modpack? No, why? Because he is refusing it to everyone. He is thinking he is owning that skins and what not, but the real owner is WG, he cannot do a thing about it, he would lose in court to WG.

          Maybe someone already copied that mods and will continue from there, I don’t care who, could be random russian.

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          1. False accusations again lol

            Why would I be selfish for pulling my stuff so others can’t pirate it? Are you entitled to it in any way? Did you pay commision for it? No? The selfish ones are obviously the ones that do not follow the wishes of the modders. It’s quite disrespectful.

            Big modpack creators never approached me. The only 2 people that approached me for stuff asked for permission and got it. _post_ of p0st_m0ds and woe2you who made woepack, two relatively small modpacks. There also was Aslain that bundled my enhanced camo mod with his modpack without ever asking for permission and I asked him to remove it and he did.

            Ownership of that data is pretty much a greyzone since I use WG’s models as a base but further modify them but WG is apparently fine with it all since I’ve got this posted on Reddit

            A random Russian stealing my mods, well that’s not a concern when the biggest remodel creators on the RU cluster got your back ;)

            But keep your spite up. It just proves my point even more.


              1. Work will continue one way or the other but some of the comments here by other posters seriously make me reconsider if it’s worth it as it is the main reason why I detached my self from all this.


  3. He didn’t ban access to his content, he asked that we do it…he didn’t say get rid of it.
    He was the content’s creator, I just thought that it’s right to respect his wishes considering I used his work for free …

    I don’t necessarily agree with how he’s handling the issue, but it’s his issue, not mine.
    No, I would definitely not be throwing a tantrum, but then again I can’t model, either, so who am I to judge?

    In his place I would just lolidontgiveafuck, but I’m not in his place.

    SFC_Storm, I think your reaction is just as inappropriate as his, but hey.


  4. Not continuing his work for whatever reasons is fine of course. Deleting the site rather than just putting up a visible disclaimer and removing contacts is weird, but… why not I guess. Deleting the current mods from everywhere and asking others to do the same is however quite retarded.

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  5. So, a modder gets tired of being treated like shit for putting a lot of work into free mods, decides to quit and asks for his stuff not to be shared any more, immediate response is to call for everyone to share his stuff and people to treating him like shit? Like they own him, have any right to his stuff?

    Seriously, I’ve been following this blog for a while now, but this is just sad.. It is one of those things that makes me question why I even read comments on the internet.. He could ask for money and continue, but then people would probably give him even more shit, be even more demanding, which is the exact kind of toxicity which he understandably doesn’t want, so he quits modding entirely. He doesn’t want his professional reputation tainted by spoiled brats complaining about stuff he created ages ago and which is not compatible with future versions, so he doesn’t want his stuff to be shared any more. If he owns the copyright, which he probably does, then that is that.

    He sounds like an adult making an adult decision. As always, the bad apples spoiled it for everyone else. That is sad, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. There will be other modders, or maybe you can start modding yourself, so move along.

    Milkym4n, I don’t know you and am pretty sure I never used any of your mods, but I gotta respect you if just for posting one of the most coherent comments I ever found on any blog, a rarity these days.. Good luck to you!

    Seb, if you remove your call for people to upload someone else’s stuff against his express wishes, despite him probably owning the copyright, I will not only continue to visit this blog, but disable my adblock for this site, which would be a first for me. Depending on what options there are for donating, I will consider making a donation as well. Please to do the right thing.

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  6. It’s unlikely that Milky has any legal recourse to stop people sharing his work. It would depend on the wording of any terms that were attached to the original downloads.

    I agree with others that this appears to be a ‘toys out of the pram’ reaction.

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    1. I don’t see anything wrong with him asking us to not share the stuff, can people not read? “Kindly ask”. If Seb closes the blog down one day, I doubt he will keep it archived for people to read till the end of time.

      Like, why is this even being discussed at this point, you can keep his stuff, delete it, share it and go against his wish or do any combination of these, what will change? All that matters to me is that he asked me not to share it and out of respect for his work, I won’t, despite me not agreeing with his decision. I think it’s very selfish to think that any of us know what’s the best step to take for HIS content.


      1. Removing someone’s access to content previously available is not something that I agree with. My position will not change. Have you seen anyone putting up links yet? unfortunately not… So it’s not a big deal.

        And TAP will never be closed. I got other authors too.


        1. If he doesn’t close off the channel, people will keep bothering him about new models or updates to old ones like he owes people anything. I think that was the man’s problem with this situation. I was speaking hypothetically, of course, I have no wish to see any blog closed.


          1. Agreed. But I want them shared for like only a few months, until someone (maybe) continues his work. If not, I will make sure to not promote any Milkym4n mods so it will not lead to confusion.

            I think of this as the „buffer-period” in which work should be saved urgently until it becomes outdated.


            1. This is more reasonable. Up until this, all this was to me was a news post where a man famous for his work is reported to have stopped said work and asked for people to stop >>distributing<< it and then immediately after what follows is an urge to distribute the work, which to me is just blatant disrespect and a joke. From the title I even thought the man had died or something.

              If your end goal is to maintain his work as a form of respect for it, I can understand that, I simply cannot get behind specifically going against the guy's wishes when it is perhaps a moral obligation to not do so when it is concerning his own, freely accessible work.

              Though I don't quite understand why someone would "continue" his work when there are other WoT modders around, that would just mean using his resources and even if credit is given, I doubt Milk would want any of it, at least not in the current state of things.

              Anyways, getting too political.

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              1. Yeah, I’m trying to cushion the harsh effects that come from simply deleting all work. That’s why I said it like this (even if it seems irresponsible). I would not if the closure would be gradual.


        1. Of course. But I’d very much like to see what good will come of it. If anything, I think Milk would just get more p’d off with people making a fuss about it, which I think was the opposite of what he wanted (or so he appears to say, regardless of his actual feelings on the matter).

          If the whole point is to hoard all the things he has made so we don’t lose access to them, I have nothing else to say about that. Potentially, one day these mods will be unusuable, and it will be interesting to see if people will actually care to update them themselves and publish them publically, which would be a rather comical situation if MilkyM4n hasn’t changed their position at that time.


  7. from reddit:

    /u/MilkyM4n inb4 Seb from TAP invites people to upload your models

    Already did it. Entitlement like this is the reason why I stopped


  8. Honestly, suddenly deleting everything just because you are moving on is… something I would not do. But out of respect for Milkym4n, I would rather zip my mouth and let his work be forgotten slowly instead of forcing it to continue to be shared on the Internet.

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      1. Like what I said, I couldn’t understand why should one delete every single bit of effort and time he spent on just because he is moving on. It’s only because of how I respect the guy for his hard work that I would be against further sharing of his skins.

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      1. Its simple logic actually – he didnt get much back from huge work he done, so….he doesnt want others to keep using his work anymore :D


        1. There never was a PayPal or Patreon link on by blog or the forums posts so asuming that I was expecting any monetary compensation is incorrect. The issue is that it’s affecting real life stuff negatively.

          I took everything off the web so little scriptkiddies that have 0 clue on how stuff works can’t just take the remodels, update them in some half arsed manner and spread it under their name or mine.

          I am looking for people that can keep things updated but there are not many who have the skill and tools necessary to do that properly. 2-3 people on the NA forums and 2 people on the RU forums are probably the only ones that I would consider capable.


  9. The genie is out of the bottle.
    If he truly was popular – others will steal his work. Nothing he can do about it :D

    The mods wind up in RU server and from that point onwards – bye bye to any recognition to author xD

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  10. Don’t know where Milkym4n is from, but here in the USA (and most other countries are similar), we have this thing called “copyright law.” So even though it is a shame he doesn’t want us to share his content, legally speaking may be his right, and he could have legal recourse if he wanted to take action.


    1. EU. In my country copyright is not really applied by the way. Everyone torrents movies, games. (I try not to, but use G2A instead). We even have a romanian tracker with 334k likes on Facebook. That’s why my views are different.


  11. (I always thought milym4n was a she in spite of the name but its irrelevant)

    This is going to be hilarious when people take Sebs articles, add neo-Nazi stuff to them, leave his name on them and add their own. Looks like we have his permission here!

    no author rights, content wants to be free!


      1. Really?

        All your work on this blog, which no doubt cost you a lot of time and effort, would you continue to do this even if every day people started whining about there being too little content, or too little, or this grammar error or that translation error? If everyone used adblock and no one donated, leaving you footing the bill? If it took time out from things that are equally important to you, like having fun with friends and loved ones, while getting little to none in return? Maybe this is just a side thing, but if you were an aspiring journalist or writer, sooner or later you might be able to understand someone wanting to make sure that his work is used in a way that doesn’t come back to harm him professionally. Maybe there will come a day when you will decide this blog has run its course and decide to shutter it.

        Just try to see his point of view. The guy has bills to pay. He modded for free, out of love for a game and for a community which, in return, kept asking for more and complaining about him not working any faster? He got fed up and wants to quit and it is his choice to do so, his choice what to do with his creations. He does not want his hobby to interfere with his future pay check. Is that so hard to understand?

        He is already looking at ways to turn his work over to someone he trusts, which might mean whomever inherits it will get access to some of the resources he used, perhaps get occasional help for future projects. Trying to force his hand may cause him to decide it is not worth the effort, that the community is not worth the effort, and keep as much to himself as he can, discourage people by invoking his rights as the creator of these mods. So what you’re trying to do may be counterproductive.

        Seriously, no one is entitled to his stuff, but it comes across as if you, and other people here, think you are. You never paid for it, you never contributed anything to it, most people using his mods probably never even thanked him for it, you just profited off the hard work of someone else. So how do you repay him? By ignoring his wishes and acting like you’re a champion against injustice. I’m sorry, but you’re not, you are in the wrong. And you are merely proving his point about the community being ungrateful, demanding and filled with a sense of entitlement. How about thanking him for his hard work, wishing him good luck, or maybe help him find someone capable to continue his work properly? That might be a better approach.

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        1. That’s true. I am sad that I worded it that way. My primary reason was though that I don’t want work to be lost and create at least a backup of it. If someone will continue the work (and there is an official response), I will change my views on this and everything will be good again.


          1. TheCinC is really the MVP here.

            Work isn’t lost. Take a look here:

            I could have deleted all of it with 4 key strokes but didn’t. Why? Because I have plans. Plans you might not know about. But goodman12 already posted here so you can imagine what’s going on in the background.

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            1. Milkym4n, thanks for the compliment, but I just voiced my opinion. Surprisingly, it did not lead to name calling and childish insults. I’ve seen this happen a few times on the WoWs forums as well. Is this still the internets? *confused*

              I have to deal with people complaining regularly, so I know what a drag that can be. And I am a writer myself, have a blog, where several times people have taken text and pictures without even bothering to ask my permission, even though I would have granted it to them if they had asked for it. So I understand wanting to have control over your own intellectual properties as well. Hope you find someone to take over your work and that you have a bit more peace of mind when you don’t have to deal with unreasonable demands any more. Good luck to you!

              Seb, thanks for reconsidering your position on this. I’m keeping my promise, I’ve disabled adblock for this site, as I said, a first for me. Hope it helps you to continue to maintain this blog as I appreciate it for making information regarding several games I play available in one place. I don’t want to miss anything when news comes in about the new RN ships, when they finally arrive, was thrilled to hear about the Dunkerque coming as a premium. Your efforts and those of your compatriots are much appreciated.

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              1. Thanks a lot, as told before, it was mainly because of me being afraid. I am not anymore, thanks guys :)

                Also, you can turn AdBlock on again if the ad really annoys you. I don’t force people to do it. Most of them run adblock anyway.

                Wanted to ask, what is the link to your blog? I am curious about it.


                1. It is no problem, you’re welcome.

                  As for my blog, I am afraid it is in my native language, so it will not be much use to you. And it is no longer being maintained, it served its purpose, I just keep it around because it led to another project that means a lot to me. I just mentioned it to show where I was coming from. It is annoying to come across text that you wrote and pictures you took, things that you put time and effort and money into, in some cases other people claiming copyright on your stuff.. Just because something is online doesn’t mean that it belongs to everyone or no one.

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            2. Today I wanted to visit Your blog to see what my favorite re-skiner artist is doing. To my surprise I was met with a message that the site is gone… first though was “OMG hacked” but then I found out that You decided to quit and take the work with you. I wasn’t happy but neither angry. Your re-skins made the game more enjoyable (I love Your M 41 90, my no.1 tank thanks to You!) and gave a lot of fun to me. I just want You to know that Your work made people happy and I apologize for the haters.

              I’m just sad to say goodbye to You and my M 41 90 (when the next big patch comes and breaks all these artworks). I know life is not all rainbows and sunshine and I wish you all the best in real life. Hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Maybe you’ll even come back in a couple years? :P

              Now, off to play that M 41 90, gotta enjoy it before the next patch.

              P.S. I even demanded a refund from WG for FV4 202 (P) (as I had only two games in it) because that tank would be so fugly without your re-skin next patch. Surprisingly… they agreed!


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