Milkym4n is gone

The popular mod maker, Milkym4n, deleted his blog, forum posts and also his github content. I waited a day to see if he would return back, but I don’t see it as the case.

However, he made a statement:


„The sudden deletion of my blog and github repositories was a cause of concern for many and I want to tell you why everything is gone.

I’ve been modding World of Tanks for half a year or so. I’ve created around 60 skins and remodels which I believe is an amount no other skin creator for WoT has every achieved. My goal was to update some of the older SD models and make them look less like ass… octagonal barrels and whatnot… ugh…

Over time I’ve gathered quite a follower base with 200-500 daily visitors on my blog. There were also other channels where I published my content to, like the World of Tanks subreddit or the World of Tanks EU and NA official forums. All this along with designing the models, maintaining the repositories, creating preview images, posting on the blog/forums and moderating said blog ate up a rather big part of my daily life which I could have used for more important things. I do work as a photographer/videographer for hire and in my “free” time I’m usually processing images and videos but since I started doing remodels, less and less of that time was used for processing images and video. Instead I was tinkering with 3D models for a game that I used to enjoy a lot. This tinkering lead to a reduced amount of work done which effectively lead to a negative hit in my earnings. I’ve had people suggest me to put up my PayPal or create a Patreon page but I didn’t want to ask for money for the remodels I released publicly. It just didn’t feel right.

Of couse with all the publicity you also attract all kinds of people. People that are grateful for the work I did and others that thought I’m just a robot that spits out remodel after remodel. People asking for remodel A, remodel B and for ETAs all the time got really tiring. I was deleting spam comments like those on a daily basis on my blog

This is why I decided to shut down everything, delete all content and focus on more important things in life. It was fun while it lasted.

For anyone that still has my remodels on their PC I kindly ask you not to share them publicly. What is dead shall remain dead.

With this said I wish you all farewell.”


I, Seb, would advise you to upload what you have on download sites and post the links in the comments. The mods must be saved until they get outdated. Don’t let this die.

Addendum: No, my position will not change, but it’s only temporary (for the next 2 patches).

UPDATE: Everything is solved now, no need to try saving what’s left. All the mods will be taken care of by another modder, goodman12. Details coming soon.