Q&A – 13th July 2016

Interview with Stanislav Kargin (Veider), translated by Vlad:

– Which goals did you pursue having started Sandbox one month ago?
– Sandbox only has tier 10 currently, this is intended. Tier 10 aren’t just tanks to play in clans and Global Map. We started with tier 10 to descend. The volume of work on tier 9 won’t be less, but from the point of view of decisions and role distribution tier 10 is probably the most difficult one.

– Tier 9, 8 will come – will more people be allowed to test?
– Yes, we will need more testers since the system will be more similar to random battles. We also plan to show the new balancer (MM) there – since it can already be seen at work with 3 tiers, but first we have to finish tier 10.

– Which role does the IS-7 have?
– Uber-stormtrooper :) Due to improvement of armor significance it became better protected, and thus it can push well.

– What did you change for balance 2.0?
– Mostly the tank’s stats. We have many goals for balance 2.0 – more significance of armor, maneuverability for MT, scouting role for LT. We decided that each tank, each role has to have some feature which helps it to be effective and win.

– Are you sure that players want such radical changes?
– The game changed gradually, and at one moment we went the wrong way during this evolution. Now we want to do a quick evolution in the right direction. We can’t say that we returned back, since the game for one became more like it was 4 years ago, but we have many tanks and mechanics we hadn’t back then.

– Patches on Sandbox are quite frequent. What are the developer’s feelings on this?
– We’re shocked ourselves, patch released on thursday, on thursday afternoon and friday we collect preliminary statistics, during weekends we think what we can change in the next patch next week… This project swallows us whole, we want to achieve really good results.

– Which tanks are most important to play? The players ask what they should play.
– All of them, we don’t want to set tasks – we try to make battles similar to randoms. Each tank can only be balanced in a system where it is surrounded by other tanks, so all tanks should be played.

– What are the players conclusions for the month?
– The players like the Maus. They like heavily armored tanks, it seems that many miss tanking gameplay.

– Isn’t the Maus “imba(lanced)”?
– It’s too early to say that. The tank is good, but the gameplay changed, and the players won’t understand at once what to do in the different conditions. It takes time to create new tactics, behaviour models, after this it will be clear which tanks are too strong.

– What about light tanks? Players thank for the mobility, but ask for better turret and hull rotation times.
– We tested a variant where hull and turret traverse of LTs was very fast, but that made them too strong – they could circle every opponent. The goal is simple – to make every tank in a role a bit better in it, than tanks of neighbouring roles, so each role has its advantages. Now LTs are the fastest and most maneuverable anyway.

– Why was the Foch changed so much?
– The players abandoned the vehicle when it was changed on the live server. On Sandbox, it has a 120mm gun, which made it more comfortable. We just couldn’t leave it with the 155mm and strong armor. Now the Foch is a good destroyer. Its popularity on Sandbox is high, and it’s one representative of hybrid roles which Anton Pankov mentioned last week.

– Which tanks are also representatives of hybrid roles?
– Patton, AMX 50B – these are vehicles which don’t have one singular strong point, but are fairly strong in several.

– What brought you to rebalance the T110E3?
– The main reason was that it competes with the T110E4 with a similar gun, and we wanted to make each vehicle more unique.

– What changed in artillery?
– During the start of Sandbox, HE had low penetration and high stun. We fixed several serious bugs influencing the gameplay. For example, in the first iteration, stun was applied at full-force even on the border of the splash radius. The penetration was lowered to prevent one-shots, and are now searching for a margin where the penetration can’T cause much damage to armored vehicles, but good damage to lightly armored ones.

– The players write that stun is too powerful.
– Yes, we noticed, its impact was lowered already. The time will be lowered in the next patch, you will see it tomorrow.

– Changes to shell dispersion, penetration drop – are these the very basic mechanics?
– These are serious changes. The precision is somewhere between how it was at the game’s launch and how it is now on live. The penetration brings the tier 10s closer to tier 8s. These changes are also part of balance 2.0.

– The players are afraid that you change this and that – maybe you should change one thing at a time?
– Yes, it’s dangerous. The problem is that we had less tanks in the past, on launch we had tanks which were really used. And many of them had real penetration values. With the introduction of tier 10s we didn’t have such values, so we had to make penetration understandable and not that effective. The dispresion in the circle is a balance between close-combat and distance fighting. The economics won’t change, even if you shoot more shells, you’ll still get the same XP and credits.

– Will artillery get XP and credits for assists?
– Yes, each tank has it’s own economical coefficients. If a scout spots, he has to recieve the most profit from this. Similarly for artillery with assists, and heavies for tanking.

– What will happen to tier 8 premium tanks?
– We carefully regard premium vehicles and understand its value for the players. We aim to minimally affect the tier 8 premiums. The tier 8 gameplay actually is way better on the live server than tier 10 gameplay, so there won’t be such severe changes to regular vehicles as well.

– Why do you change the stats, but not the HP?
– HP is a difficult parameter. The HP count influences the winrate. HP doesn’t give the right gameplay feeling – armor and gun do.

– Will +-25% really not be changed?
– It could be, but won’t make sense: these mechanics are one of the bases of the game and allow for good gameplay for all players. They negate the gap between very good and very bad players somewhat and allow for RNGesus to play his role.

– Premium shells only for gold – what do you think?
– This is done to make the Sandbox similar to the live server, to prevent shooting gold all the time, and we see the percentage of standard and gold shells being close to the live servers. Nobody says that this will be introduced.

– Do stun mechanics completely satisfy you?
– We like it as a mechanic, and the players like it as well, but the parameters have to be tuned.

– Roles depend not only on the team but also on maps. Will these change?
– Yes, but it is harder to change a map than a tank – it’s about relief, surroundings, objects, textures etc.

– SPG players are now supporters and they feel like they’re not as useful anymore.
– Splash, stun are valuable assets for the team. Our tests show that teams without arty are weaker than teams with it, so SPGs are a valuable asset of the team.


32 thoughts on “Q&A – 13th July 2016

  1. All who say Maus is imba on SB are idiots. Don’t shoot Type 5, E100 or Maus from over 100 meters, and you gonna pen them as easy, as u can on live, with no gold…..

    They nerf Maus, cuz gun was better, now is crap as is on live, still Maus will be shit. Wait till more people can spam gold at you, Maus armor will lose way more….

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  2. Each of those Q&A remember me that the release of this cancerous update is approaching slowly..
    Will WG refund me all my non-brawling premium tanks? So I can wait to use the gold as doubloons after I left this screwed game made to help the mediocre player competitive…


    1. Can’t they just adjust the base pen/acc on Tier 9-10 and leave the shell mechanics as it is, for the other Tiers? (because good luck to do something with lower Tier support tanks after this BS goes live. I can see from here DMax bouncing KV-1 from the flank at 300m.. Working as intended, TD are DEAD.)


  3. Ehm…


    I tried the SB myself… it’s okay, I guess…
    I have no bloody idea what to think or say anymore. :(

    Maybe just that the situation of gold ammo for gold on SB should be implemented for live. Eh.


          1. Indeed. But if you can’t pen crap at your usual fight range.
            DMax would have like 100mm pen at 300m+. That’s… weak.
            And fighting closer is taking a huge risk.


            1. The normal AP shell penetrations are not that messed up. You can still kemp in a neat little bushy-bush and do what a Dickie is best at. For as long as I know, only the APCR ammunition was nerfed to death.

              And even if I’m wrong, the dev team was already asked about how they will build up the whole new pen-change system, how it will influence the lower tiers. I’m fairly certain that these lower tier TDs, such as the Dicker Max, will receive minimal change to their penetration values.

              Though as I said many times before, we shouldn’t worry, everything is up to change. Just wait and see, do not make assumptions.
              I hope this helped.


      1. Well maybe it’s time for you to change. Everything will. If you don’t get used to the change and fail to change yourself, you will fail, miserably.
        You can’t demand a better game if you can’t better yourself.

        That and… you are a gold spammer scum if you think like the way you explained yourself.


        1. Most of these sandbox changes wouldn’t make the game better. They would completely kill it.

          Please tell me how to change my gamestyle? Go and brawl with paper meds like the Leo, AMX 30B and Batchat so others can just right click and autopen me? Camp bush with paper TDs? I won’t be able to pen shit if I’m lucky enough to hit them with the nerfed dispersion due the pen drop. Camp closer? Sure, so they can spot me and pen me easily again…

          Only logical change will be to sell almost all my tanks and get russian mediums and heavies because only they will benefit from the changes on sandbox.

          Also assuming that I’m a goldspamming “SCUM” just because I say premium ammo shouldn’t be restricted to gold only. Nice logic there my dear Arty Whore friend. Yes, there are tanks on which I’m using premium shells somewhat frequently but I wouldn’t go so far to say I’m spamming them. Like the Valentine II and B2 against Hetzers frontally and Matildas but I play these tanks like once a month for the lolz or if I have a shit day and I’m still not using full APCR on them. And on the VK 28.01 with the 105mm gun. Please tell me how OP that 104mm HEAT pen will make me and how easily I can pen Tier 7-9 tanks with that shell.


          1. Well you know what, I don’t care. Your problem is not mine, so tough luck, sucker, sell all of your tanks for what I care.
            If your attitude is only about bitching everything, then, in all honesty, go fuck yourself.
            People like you can never see the good side of anything, so please go a favor for everyone and fuck off with it.
            I only use vulgarities to make my point here.

            Oh, also, if WG sees the changes fitting, they won’t give the slightest shit about your whining bitch ass, so, you might as well just leave the game now. Go bother other developers with your unbearable attitude.


            1. Man you are so mature wonder why I waste my time arguing with you.

              Instead of behaving like a 10 year old how about explaining the good sides of the issues I commented on?


              1. Oh well sorry for being a grown man and having the choice to choose how-the.-fuck-ever I behave! Maybe if you weren’t whining, I wouldn’t have reacted in this immature way!

                As for the good sides: You are shit outta luck, your business is not my cncern. That and I have already said everything about this matter in other comments I made, in earlier articles on the blog. You are still so curious? Look them up.

                Oh, and one more thing… You say that you are arguing with me.
                You see, this is the source of all that is wrong.
                You don’t argue with people if you want unbiased, honest opinions and true facts. You DISCUSS.
                But since you are clearly unable to do such thing, I will leave you with that. Learn how to discuss things without being a whiny bitch and maybe I will reply to you.
                This also means that I will ignore your existence from this point forward.
                Note: You can call me whatever, see how much I care.


                1. Whiny bitch? LOL

                  Clearly I’m the one who can’t discuss with others. You started attacking me because I didn’t agree with you and you didn’t have anything to counter my arguments.

                  Don’t worry, I’m not going to call you things, I’m more mature than that.


        2. Of wargaming can not make world of brawling.

          Now that they cant just blatantly make the RU tanks better, they need to blatantly change the games maps and over mechanics and layout to make brawlers best in class.

          Good luck playing vs IS6`s that can just sit at 300m immune almost all meds now

          The more I play WOWS the more I realize WOT is fucked. They just have a huge agenda to push RU tanks.


          1. You might be right, I did try out the Stronk Soviet Hovertenks, they indeed are OP as frick, but other meds excel in brawling as well.

            We will see how this turns out. If everything is lost, then we might need to look for a replacement and WoWS is a promising one. :)


  4. Holy hell what is wrong with WG. These changes will KILL the game over night. Players will be damned angry if you nerf and screw up EVERYTHING they’ve spent years grinding and paying for. ‘Nerfing everything’ isn’t the answer.


  5. Here is what sandbox should really be about: rework arty, nerf T110E5, IS-3 and other OP tanks, nerf OP premium shell pens (T-54 for example), limit premium shells in loadout, rework tunnel maps, extend scout lines to Tier X, make scouts a more viable choice (maybe nerf other tanks’ viewranges)

    What Wargaming is experimenting with would completely fuck up the whole game.


    1. maybe they could reduce the radio range of other tanks, like for real, many tanks made to brawl have a super radio range, just scouts should have 400m+ radio range, since they are the ones supposed to relay enemy positions, that way when you spot someone in a heavy you’re the only one seeing it if ppl are too far, and the guys spoted don’t get insta killed by the entire team because a heavy worked as a scout, i don’t saw no one talking about radio ranges and radio mechanics the entire time sandbox is running, guys radio is a pretty important feature of the game, even if 50% of the WoT players don’t even know what its supposed to do. =P


  6. – Will +-25% really not be changed?
    – It could be, but won’t make sense: these mechanics are one of the bases of the game and allow for good gameplay for all players. They negate the gap between very good and very bad players somewhat and allow for RNGesus to play his role.

    Yes, because it is good to punish someone for trying to play properly.

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  7. Well… I play on SB and I can tell you that WG isn’t giving a shit about EU NA and ASIA feedback, they just post the changes and thats all. I don’t know about russian feedback.
    Another thing is that the server population is too low, just 70-100 people playing, and that in a good day, sometimes it’s just 15-20 people.
    About the tanks… Russian hovermeds still being the powerful ones, Batchat is destroyed, support tanks can’t support because the pen drop, bad movility (45km/h) and bad view range (tvp, leo1, amx 30, CAX). E-50M is now a brawler…
    Patton has 290mm of pen, 121 is a good tank, and STB 1 is allmost the same, but worse.

    About HT, yes the pen drop made them very powerfull tanks, now Type 5 Heavy and Maus has a role to perform instead of being an XP pinata and people complains about it. IS-4 now has a “decent” armor, T110E5 stills being the same, IS-7 is better now, T57H has been destroyed in SB 1.0.3, Amx 50b is better than the T57H, E-100 stills the same more or less, FV 215b stills being an assault tank and stills sucking at it and 113 got buffed the armor and nerfed the gun.

    About LT… They’re better now, higgest view range, fastest and good turning speed. (They should extend them to tier X)

    TDs… Well… I hope you had just the T110E4 (2500hp and the same gun) and the T110E3 (stills having the armor) in your garage because this class has been destroyed, and even more the crystal TDs (Grille 15 is bullshit now).

    And arty… Well is fucked up, WG doesn’t want to admit that they don’t know what to do with this class…

    And about the +/-25% RNG… Better not talking about…


    1. Well I was on the SB1 server several times now, at different times of the day and I saw at least 250 people online (or more) each time.
      Dunno how you caught those low density hours.


  8. I played a few games on the SB server and I quit quite soon… like someone above said, the changes are too radical and this isn’t the game I like to play anymore.
    I f****** hate stun!


  9. I tried SB and left it after 30-40 battles, because it provides ZERO fun. Some changes are pretty good in their core, but they are burried by complete bull$hit that comes with them.

    It is a nice idea to have generally lower pen on both standard and gold, but it is crippled with retarded shell dispersion (you will hate it even in close combat) and silly pen drop on distance. This makes long range tanks like Grille 100% useless most of the time. Plus some tanks got ridiculously high AP pen so they can simply go and say “Hi Maus, take this $hit straight in your face.” Yes, I’m looking at you 50B…

    Same goes with arty stun, that is pretty good idea, but it’s crippled again. You can splash for 30s stun, while sometimes you do direct hit and no stun applies. Hve more arty in game and one unlucky tank in enemy team is doomed, because it will most likely be perma stunned. Plus the damage is still to high combined with stun. It’s completely normal to do 500+ with hit or even splash at Maus/E100 with GW, T92 or CGC.

    We could continue, but I don’t think it is needed.


  10. one thing they should reconsider is having a bigger HP pool tier-per-tier
    in the past it wasn’t that “big” of a problem and even low tiers could stand long enough in battle against middle tiers to have the opportunity to learn what they shouldn’t do in the next matches

    then they started adding a lot more derps, 183mm guns, a few more 155mm guns, 170mm guns or 130mm guns at tier 6, guns that if not in a single shot could take down pretty much anything it encountered in 2 shots

    the problem is that they didn’t follow the increase of raw damage and/or DPM with increases to the HP pool, this problem became even more apparent after the introduction of Japanese heavies starting from tier 5 with massive derp guns

    I’ve played WoT since 2011, even though I rarely played it in the last 3 years, and I am somehow used to the idea that at certain points there will be vehicles that can finish your match in a single shot, in the past we had the Hetzer, M4, Pz.IV and KV-1 (the 122mm derp that could even destroy a T29 in 3 shots) but somehow only lights really suffered from that (some mediums would sometimes survive)

    now I can’t imagine how discouraging it is for new players who reach tier 3 in a few hours of gameplay and suddenly have match after match where they die in 1 shot, this now is a bigger problem since the amount of vehicles capable of doing it have increased (O-I Exp, KV-1S, etc…)

    if they just increase the HP pool so that a vehicle of the same tier or even 1 tier below will survive an average damage role it would increase both the chances of new players to keep playing and also the overall staisfaction players feel from having a chance of getting back at the enemy who took most of their xp


    1. I agree, it’s not that huge of a deal at tier 10, but even there overall HP pool buff would be nice. I hate tanks that are able to oneshot other, it’s not as common but the sheer possibility of it happening is just retarded.

      It’d prolong the battles, make mistakes less costly without fucking up accuracy or penetration dropoff, make games more enjoyable because random shots from shitters and yolos won’t fuck you so hard…

      Sadly WG will not do this pretty easy and good fix because they are retarded.


  11. Since IS7 armor was sho shitty before. ANd since it wasnt a UBERStorm trooper already it needed a huge buff…

    Your RU BIAS is showing, esp since shells at 300 meters drop so hard.

    Also they nerfed E5 into the dirt. It has the same slow mud feeling as the IS7 now but still has much much weaker armor. It also lost its aimtime and gun handling.

    So its a worse IS7 with 90 less alpha with almost same DPM and side armor you can blow a kiss and pen. Arty will still murder E5`s especially now that they are so slow.


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