Stubby M1 Abrams/Challenger II and Russian WALL-E Videos

Here is the video of the Black Knight made by BAE Systems. It’s an unmanned vehicle with a 30mm auto-cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun. It uses these four weird sensors to see it’s surroundings which remind me of googly eyes. This vehicle is being evaluated by the U.S. Army and may enter service.

The closest competition to this Black Knight is the Uran-9 which I find to be a better vehicle because its armed with four Ataka anti-tank guided missiles while the Black Knight does not. It’s possible for it to have ATGMs in the future. They both have similar auto-cannons (Uran 9’s auto-cannon is also a 30mm).


5 thoughts on “Stubby M1 Abrams/Challenger II and Russian WALL-E Videos

  1. The U9 looks much cheaper, smaller and has missiles… But maybe the American wall-e has more autonomous functions and hardwires better into the American digital battlefield concept? With that size it better hold a shit load of stuff inside…


    1. You are forgetting a couple of really important factors here.

      First off, due to some aggressive lobbying and various political reasons, the US army has way more M1 Abrams tanks than it can use in any sensible manner. I’d expect that the conversion is not that expensive and can be reversed as well, seeing that it is compatible with M1 Abrams and Challenger 2 and the weapon systems are already readily available. Also, Abrams is an extremely tough tank (Just like all western MBTs tend to be), which gives it significant bonus in capability to continue operating in very hostile environment for longer times. U9 is most definitely a brand-new vehicle altogether, and while it may very well be better optimised for the job, it clearly lacks the durability on the M1 Abrams. The bottomline is, that for its capability, the Black Knight could be surprisingly cheap.

      The other thing is, that if need be, ATGMs can be slapped to about any vehicle in abundance. Of course, the same applies to fire-and-forget missiles even more. Furthermore, USA has had very positive results in performing light AT duty with their 30mm cannons. Basically only MBTs and heavy IFVs can expect to resist it. Of course, Russia has very good 30mm guns as well, and Uran-9 happens to be equipped with one.

      However, I think that the reason why the Black Knight isn’t already loaded with missiles is that it is not expected to encounter heavy armour. Most of USA’s corrent conflicts are very imbalanced and Iraqi rebels, for one, don’t have abundance of armour available. Some 40 30mm HEI shells will make short work of a civilian truck or a house at least as well as a missile would, most likely even better.


  2. I forgot to mention that the Black Knight might be a solid testbed for the technology – but apart from that I don’t think it shares much more than similarities with he Abrams. It definitely looks like one but I dont think they have many interchangable parts? But yes, who knows if they can use the system to make RoboAbrams?

    Anyhow maybe the Black Knight is bigger due to fuel tanks and batteries as well as autoloading mechanics giving it more field time – But the Uran-9 looks like a much cheaper, less complicated machine to throw out there and not worry about the cost too much… The US can afford more expensive machinery but can their budgets keep up forever? I know in the 40s someone didn’t care about germany having better tanks when they weren’t cost-efficient enough :-)


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