Kiev WoT Blitz Q&A

Thanks a lot Vlad for translating!

– French will come next year;
– Czechs won’t come soon;
 – China will come soon;
– Which was the biggest and best update? – 1.9, after we switched to a new engine;
– Are Soviets imbalanced? – Yes, we’ll nerf;
– When will new modes come? – There will be a new “Domination” mode very soon;
– Why is the update called 2.11 and not 3.0? – The switch to a new major number should note some global and significant changes, none happened in 2.11;
– Japan? – ASAP;
– When will ghost shells be fixed? – We know of this problem, it’s uncomfortable, especially because it’s hard to reproduce. We’ll fix it sometime;
– How much do you play Blitz? – Very much. I have around 15k battles. I play every workday at least 1 hour. On non-working hours, of course;
– Will physics like on PC come? – Not planned yet;
– Will Soviet LT come? – Yes;
– Will better graphics come? – What don’t you like about the current ones? *laughs* But seriously – yes. If new devices allow it;
– When will IS-5 event come? – We don’t want the event to be boring and be a monotonous task. There will be combat missions, it will be interesting;
– When will sticking of reticle be fixed? – 3.2 – 3.3;
– What about optimization? – Do you want optimization or better graphics? New graphics mean excluding old devices from the supported list. But optimization is being worked on constantly;
– When will Global Map come? – Who said it will come? *laughs* There will be something similar. We want to avoid a situation as is on PC where certain people occupy it, and other clans don’t get anything;
– 2 new maps this year and 4 next year;


4 thoughts on “Kiev WoT Blitz Q&A

  1. “– When will IS-5 event come? – We don’t want the event to be boring and be a monotonous task. There will be combat missions, it will be interesting;”

    Meanwhile on PC: Get 150000 damage and 150 kills with every nation in less than a month to get a tank…

    I don’t get this. Almost every game have some good ideas. Why not combine those ideas in all games to make all of them better? As far as know they are all made by WG not by rival companies.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. gotta agree with Nishizumi, NA gives alot of good things for easy missions even if they are grindy, last year you could get a su100y just for logging in the game, you can’t complain about NA missions.


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