Kiev WoT Blitz Q&A

Thanks a lot Vlad for translating!

– French will come next year;
– Czechs won’t come soon;
 – China will come soon;
– Which was the biggest and best update? – 1.9, after we switched to a new engine;
– Are Soviets imbalanced? – Yes, we’ll nerf;
– When will new modes come? – There will be a new “Domination” mode very soon;
– Why is the update called 2.11 and not 3.0? – The switch to a new major number should note some global and significant changes, none happened in 2.11;
– Japan? – ASAP;
– When will ghost shells be fixed? – We know of this problem, it’s uncomfortable, especially because it’s hard to reproduce. We’ll fix it sometime;
– How much do you play Blitz? – Very much. I have around 15k battles. I play every workday at least 1 hour. On non-working hours, of course;
– Will physics like on PC come? – Not planned yet;
– Will Soviet LT come? – Yes;
– Will better graphics come? – What don’t you like about the current ones? *laughs* But seriously – yes. If new devices allow it;
– When will IS-5 event come? – We don’t want the event to be boring and be a monotonous task. There will be combat missions, it will be interesting;
– When will sticking of reticle be fixed? – 3.2 – 3.3;
– What about optimization? – Do you want optimization or better graphics? New graphics mean excluding old devices from the supported list. But optimization is being worked on constantly;
– When will Global Map come? – Who said it will come? *laughs* There will be something similar. We want to avoid a situation as is on PC where certain people occupy it, and other clans don’t get anything;
– 2 new maps this year and 4 next year;