WoWS: Some little things in Version 0.5.8

Gathered by Redditor Shaw_Fujikawa

Just some smaller observations of the new patch from my (short) time on the test server that wasn’t necessarily mentioned in the patch notes.

  • HE shell explosions have reworked sound effects – they now sound a lot meatier and have more of a crashing noise when they first hit. I personally quite like them, but your mileage may vary.
  • New login and victory/defeat music.
  • A couple of sound effects in the port have changed. The horn in the port now sounds very distinctly like that of a diesel train.
  • New gun reload sounds while in binocular form. I can’t tell if they’re meant to be metallic ping sounds as the shell is pushed into the chamber or actual interface beeps telling you when you’ve reloaded.
  • As noted by others, the ‘heavy damage’ sound effect (when your ship takes a huge whack from artillery) has been changed to a low-volume, rattling kind of noise. There’s a video in the linked thread with a preview of it if you’d like to hear it.
  • You can now set ALL voiceover language to whatever you wish in the options menu but it will only be used if you set Battle Voiceover to ‘Standard’. If you use ‘National’ it will of course use the VO for whatever nationality the ship has. You can’t test RN ships on the PTR but I assume they’re just going to use the American lines.
  • Preview of some of the non-English VOs: RU – JP – GE –
  • You now have the option to disable port and battle music individually if you wish (see above image). For some reason this option didn’t seem to work for me when I had both of them disabled (I heard the cyclone soundtrack) but that’s probably because I have a few mods installed on the PTR that might be causing a conflict somewhere.
  • The Team Battles intro tips that keep wasting my time with every new version of the PTR now lets you reread older tips once you skip past them. Maybe this isn’t new, and it’s not likely to be particularly interesting, but it’s the first time I noticed.
  • Manually designating a target for AA focus fire will automatically reenable your AA guns if they’ve already been disabled; I presume it’s a similar story for secondary battery designation. Disabling AA/secondaries will remove the manual designation if applicable.
  • You will no longer cycle back to your own sunken ship when clicking through the available spectator targets.