WoWS: Gun stats of Tier 9 and 10 German BBs

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13 thoughts on “WoWS: Gun stats of Tier 9 and 10 German BBs

    1. really wish the h42 was the tier 10 honestly but i asked a question in a q&a a while go about guns bigger than yamatos and they flat out said no ship would ever get larger caliber guns than yamato so i saw this coming


    1. why is it unfair? did you forget that they carry 6 torpedo tubes? and these are the “weakest” proposals of all H-class battleships
      add to that being the most accurate (due to “much higher” shell velocity when compared to Montana and Yamato) and also pratically invulnerable vs aircraft and you have what will probably the best tier 10 BB
      AA armament: 16x105mm; 16x37mm; 12x20mm
      those 20mm and 37mm are especially deadly against aircraft and you still have the german 105mm soften and spread the formation before entering the 37mm and then 20mm guns range

      on top of all of that the armor was designed based on what they thought to be the performance of the US 16inch/45 callibers guns (406mm from tier 8 and below) making them theoretically invulnerable against those from at 21km to possibly 11km, of course tier 9 and 10 US 406mm are on par with the Yamato 460mm guns and will cause them damage even from distances close to the H-39/41 max range

      conclusion: best AA rating of all top tier BBs + most accurate guns (and the tier 10 even has a higher calliber than the US tier 10) + 3 torpedos on each side + invulnerable (at range) to all tier 8 and below BBs = the most dynamic and probably the best mix of charecteristics of all top tier BBs


      1. IIRC WG said no torps on German BBs. Also how is 16×105, 16×37 and 12×20 better than the in-game Montana at 20×127, 60×20 and 80×40?


        1. That was pre war aa specks, she would have been upgraded and seen similar stuff as the Hindenburg, 55mm flak, as well increased numbers of 37mm or 40mm guns. But since they were not built its up to interpretation what the aa could be


  1. I can sort of understand their choices but one thing is certain, after German BBs are added you should go with them since they will probably have the highest AA rating in tier 10, of course on the other hand if you get too close it’s possible to be hit with their torpedos should they not pay attention to their surroundings


  2. there’s one thing this choice of top tier German BBs confirm, WG (more exactly the section that is developing WoWs) is leaving too much behind

    while not entirely acceptable they could make the H-39 and H-41 proposals into a single ship with the H-41 being an hull upgrade, it would be “acceptable” since the H-41 is only 5 meters longer and 2 meters wider than the H-39 and even the guns from one to the other are a minor upgrade (406mm to 420mm)

    this would make possible either the H-42 or H-43 at tier 10 (if it weren’t for being tier 10 it could even be a H-42 with hull upgrade to H-43) since even the guns are only slightly bigger than the ones on the Yamato

    of course this wasn’t their choice and that leaves us with many interesting BB designs “impossible” to add sometime in the future, just think about what is left out of the game:
    >>Super-Yamato and H-44 (508mm guns, 20inch)
    >>H-43 and H-42 (480mm guns, 19inch on H-43 and 18.9inch on H-42)
    >>some of the other Iowa design proposals
    >>Tillman max-battleships (since they were supposed to be a study about how far the US shipbuilding could go, during the interwar period)


  3. Dang, that normalisation angle…. Angling renders these two pretty much unable to do much damage. Wonder how the sigma would be….


  4. With those gun stats they will probably have insane HP/armor, secondaries and accuracy to compensate. Larger caliber guns than the Montana yet same alpha damage coupled with the insane fire chance tells me that WG probably decided not to stick with the highest-AP-damage/caliber concept from the German cruisers and the Tirpitz. Also looking at the caliber, shell velocity and air drag values I reckon they will have pretty flat arcs and therefore very high pen at all ranges.


  5. Why are the he shells so weak? The H41 has 400kg heavier shells then the Montana and still goes less damage


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