WoWS: 0.5.7 LIVE > 0.5.8 PT #1 data changes

Thanks to Vaexa

WG already updated the PT server. Smallish patch, lots of interesting stuff.

Data changes

Ship changes


  • Tier 3 premium German battleship König Albert added
  • Tier 4 German battleship Kaiser added
  • Tier 7 (premium?) German battleship Scharnhorst added
  • Tier 7 premium USN cruiser Flint added
  • Tier 9 premium USN destroyer Black added
  • Placeholder data for ARP Takao added
  • Ar 196C and Fw 62 spotter planes added
  • Shell data for German battleships added

I doubt any of these ships will be playable on the PTS.


  • Pretty much every cruiser in the game and a handful of destroyers had their armour models changed (no nerfs/buffs, just more detailed armour models). This is absolutely too much to document, and the changes shouldn’t be very significant gameplay-wise anyway.
  • Yubari: HP buffed (18300 > 18700)
  • Profintern: name changed to Krasnyi Krym
  • Several ships got 360 degree arcs on their turrets, see table below
  • Data added for Bastion gamemode buildings

Turret arc changes

Ship Mounts
Kamikaze 1, 2
Clemson 1
Umikaze 3
Novik 6
Hashidate 1
Minekaze 1, 2, 3
Aurora 1
Wakatake 1
Mutsuki 1, 2
Tachibana 1, 4, 5
Königsberg 2, 3
Diana 1
Wickes 1

Miscellaneous changes

  • ARP Takao captain added
  • ARP Gunzou captain added

Text changes

  • They changed the formatting on every line in the game because Lesta hates me

Package changes

  • Models added for new ships
  • Models added for Bastion gamemode buildings
  • Tons of swf files changed. Modders beware.

E: Here are the ship icons and portraits for the two new ARP commanders.