17 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J Available on EU

        1. Last IIJ i killed with a Locust…it really isn´t that hard.
          And the Mk103 can tear a IIJ in a lot of small pieces with no problem.


            1. GoldPak40.
              Just to be sure and make him cry. :p

              (Sadly, new map ratation is **** so FCM cannot camp ashard as before)

              Last IIJ I killed was in my… GrossTraktor. Triple cHEAT in the flank while he was busy butchering my noobs. Last shot hit him while he was turning his turret toward my 13hp tank😀


  1. “Price: 100 €. Comes with 30500 gold and a slot.”

    Free Pz 2 J when u buy the normal 100 € gold package* Fixed that for you.
    I have the Pz 2 J since x-mas 2014 and played already 0 battles in it :O

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