WoT – WG on disabling Team Damage in random battles

Relatively recently, many have started talking about Team Damage in WoT random battles again. All this happened after the spring developers’ answers where S. Makarov said that he was categorically against the removal of Team Damage from the game, but he was strongly persuaded otherwise afterwards. Recently, the Publishing Director of WoT mentioned that he was planning to test the disabling of TD (in random battles) this year on the Sandbox test server.
Recall that TD(Team Damage) is an opportunity to cause damage to allied units, hence the TeamKill (s) – the destruction of the unit (in our case, the tank) of the ally. What to do with the “blue players”? and the main question whether Team Damage is needed in the World of Tanks? Should this ability be removed from random battles?

For example, in WoT Blitz, we quickly shut down Team Damage – “There were many reasons for turning off Team Damage: many newcomers, whose shooting is not always conscious, tend to damage teammates and conflicts in a small team of 7 people are fatal (teamkills almost certainly lead to a loss).”

ATG – Episode 2

Hey folks, just wanted to notify you that ATG episode 2 is out for all of you to see. I have drastically changed my editing style in order to improve the overall quality. However, I keep finding myself with a shortage of good RNG replays. So please, if you see anything abnormal, hilarious or simply incredible; please send the replay to shadyrush@hotmail.com.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy.

Aimless Tank Gods - Episode 2Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 2

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Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 1 finished!

Good day to you readers, remember the TAP RNG series? Well, it’s finally out there for all of you to see! Thanks for all your awesome replays and support. Note that not all replays have been featured yet because we need some for episode 2 as well. The mail is still open for anyone who wants to send new replays: shadyrush@hotmail.com.

If you have any suggestions or feedback post them in the comment section of either the video or this post.

EDIT: headphone users: you’d probably want to adjust your audio a bit.

Aimless Tank Gods - Episode 1Aimless Tank Gods – Episode 1


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TAP’s own RNG series : You can help!

Hello readers, Shadyrush here with a announcement.

We at TAP have decided to start our very own RNG series! But, to give it a proper start we are going to need YOUR replays. Have any epic wins, fails or have you witnessed something hilarious? Don’t be afraid to send your replays to the following mail: shadyrush@hotmail.com

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed as well! We’ll be sure to turn your replays, suggestions and feedback into a series worthy of TAP.

And now… all aboard the hype train!

Aimless Tank Gods - Send your replays!Aimless Tank Gods – Send your replays!

The Wilton-Fijenoord Overvalwagen – Forgotten by time

Hello readers, Shadyrush back with a brand new article. It’s been a while since I last wrote one, time didn’t allow me to make new ones but with the holiday starting, now’s a good a time as any to publish a new one. This article won’t be as lengthy as the last one, so it’ll be a light read.

As you probably guessed, this article will be about the Wilton-Fijenoord Overvalswagen. This design had the honor to be the first type of armoured car to serve with the Dutch army.(although very briefly) So why is it so unknown? Well, only 3 were made and there isn’t much information on these vehicles. Another thing to note is that they were designed and produced by a shipyard. The shipyard shared its name with the armoured car: Wilton-Fijenoord. This company was established in 1929 out of a merger of two Rotterdam shipyards, Wilton and Fijenoord. After the merger many activities were concentrated in neighbouring Schiedam, home of Dutch jenever distilling. In the early 1930s W-F acquired a licence to produce Bofors guns. Because this shipyard was one of the few arms manufacturers in the early 30’s the Dutch minister of colonies ordered two 6 wheel armoured cars to be built on the Krupp 22H143 chassis.

This vehicle would be known as the Wilton-Fijenoord Overvalswagen

Fts 13 3KNILwfarmouredcar.jpg

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The Panzerkampfwagen IV – A tank with no name

Good day to you readers, ShadyRush stopping by for a new article. As you can probably guess, this article will be about the Panzerkampfwagen IV or simply Panzer IV to keep the typing simple. Be sure to strap yourselves in before reading, the article is quite lengthy.

The Panzer IV has to be one of the most underrated and least recognized tanks of the war. It had no official Sobriquet like the “big cats” in German service and to be honest, the name wasn’t even that catchy in German; the name roughly translated to “armored fighting vehicle no. 4”. But, even though the tank wore a unoriginal and boorish name it was still the backbone of the Wehrmacht, especially during the early years of the war. In the later stages, it lost a lot of recognition. Why? Because to the American GI, every German tank was a Tiger.

Now, let’s go back to a year long before 1944 and the D-Day invasion. I’ll take you to the year 1934, the first prototype of the Batallionsfuhrerwagen (battalion commander’s vehicle) was constructed by Rheinmetall-Borsig. It was a simple tank, featuring a 5-man crew consisting of a crew commander, gunner, driver, hull machine gun operator and a radioman. The tank featured a low velocity 75 mm gun, the 300-hp Maybach HL 120L gasoline engine and Krupp’s suspension system of leaf-springed bogies. The suspension configuration consisted of four pairs of wheels and four return rollers. Does this tank sound familiar yet? It was the very first version of the Panzer IV.


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The US Future Combat System – A new philosophy on MBT’s

Hello readers, my name is Shadyrush, your average Dutch university student who lucks out by having access to a database filled with awesome reports and documents. While I have been lurking around TAP for a while, this will be the first article I’ll be writing for you guys. And hopefully, many more will come.

This article will be about (you guessed it) the Future Combat System or FCS for short. The FCS project is currently suspended, but after looking into it, it can be said that the US MBT philosophy was shifting to the one Germany had in the 1950’s. To explain what I mean by this, I’ll take you into the project itself.

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